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Hi and thanks for letting Blog Briefing install your fully tweaked and optimized WordPress installation, it really is our pleasure to do this for you!

By the way if you don’t want to do all this right now we’ve sent you an email with the private link to this page so you can come back and give us the info that we need from you at your leisure.

Let’s Get Started

So, first things first – (P.S: the training links, below, open in new windows so you’ll always get back here when you close them.)

  • Have you got a domain name yet? If not here’s a link to our tutorial on finding one.
  • Is that Domain on It doesn’t have to be but here’s a tutorial on doing that.
  • Next let’s look at hosting: Video tutorial here for quick Hostgator set up.

At the moment we’re only installing WordPress blogs for FREE if you have purchased your hosting via our links on this site

OK? All clear? Hope so because once you’ve done the steps below we’ll take control :-)

Here’s a quick video on sending us the info we need to get started installing your blog for you:

Email us your info or question

If you want us to include your Premium Themes with your install please purchase via the links below:

Yes, we’ll be credited with the sale and make a few bucks commission which allows us to offer this low cost blog install process. Hurrah!


The stuff below is entirely optional ( but don’t come back later and say, ” I changed my mind, help!”

mediamagMichael Pollock and his team at Solostream has a fantastic portfolio of professional themes and the beauty of them is not only their ‘look’ but also the fact that each one can be edited inside the Control Panel in dozens of ways to make each one unique. I liked them so much I’ve bought multiple themes and 2 Developers Licenses! Great support forum that I use and contribute to regularly.

Solostream discount

Woo ThemesWoothemes work in a slightly different way in that you can ‘buy one get three free’ or (best deal in my opinion) is to pay for a monthly membership – down payment and small monthly recurring charge – and get access to ALL the themes plus 2 new ones every month. Cancel your membership at any time in the future and keep what you’ve downloaded but you won’t get the new offerings. Sounds good to me!

thesisThe very opposite of that is the massively popular Thesis theme widely recognized as being the best ‘coded’ theme or, as they call it, a ‘SEO optimised code framework’. It’s used by some of the worlds top bloggers and is multi configurable. In fact looking at the portfolio of sites built with Thesis you’d be forgiven for thinking they were built using different themes. Massive support forum!

Theme ForestOver at Theme Forest themes start as low as $5 but look to pay $30 for something decent. This is a place where anyone who can create a nice looking theme can sell his or her work. Check their work, how many they’ve sold to date and their Support to be sure you’ll get help if anything goes wrong. These individual designers don’t have the same Support Forum help as offered by the themes above.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t choose a paid for theme of course as we’ll install three free ones for you anyway. It’s just that if you DO want to go down the Premium Road do so now as we won’t be installing them for you later. You can always install them yourself in the future anyway if you follow the Blog Briefing tutorials :-)

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