A Video Promo and a Bad Analogy Sales Pitch


Hi Clive here and thanks for checking the site out.

Once you get to know me a bit better you will quickly realize that I am the master of the bad analogy!

So here’s a new one I just thought up for Blog Briefing and what it has to offer somebody wanting to get online, with a state of the art WordPress blog, to promote themselves, their business or just to make some income from the internet. I hope it makes sense to you…

If you decided to join the army and were shortly to be sent out to a ferocious battle zone against foes unknown you’d want to make sure you had all the necessary equipment right?

The problem is that, due to Defense spending cuts, you have to provide all your own gear! Not only that you have to work out how to use it all by yourself too…

So you are now really confused by all the stuff the equipment salesmen are trying to sell you:

  • Maps to find your way around enemy territory
  • Compasses and Global Positioning Software
  • Nice camouflage uniforms
  • A tent
  • A Humvee
  • Battle plans?


All cool stuff that you’d like to have but your unsure of how much this will all cost, whether you can afford it and maybe some of this stuff you just won’t need. And what use is some of this equipment since there’s nobody to show you how to use it?

You’re confused, spoiled for choice and in the dark – so what are you going to buy first?

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m the guy selling the really big gun, the cool one with the armor piercing bullets. The lightweight, easy to use gun with the laser targeting and ‘shoot round corners’ option. The gun that those Special Forces guys use. I’ll even send you new bullets every month!

This gun has loads of free add ons so it’s the only piece of artillery you’ll need, all future upgrades are free and it has been proven to be the number one piece of ‘must have’ equipment in whatever geographical area your battle takes place in.

BAD NEWS! It’s all but useless in the hands of a novice or rookie so…

GOOD NEWS! That’s why I’m coming with you to the front line to train you how to use it effectively.

I’ll be watching your back all the way! And no-one will be left behind!

So do you think you might want to do business with me first and worry about all the other stuff later?

OK I’ll stop there with the analogy! And yes, the big bad gun is a WordPress blog! A good one mind, not some basic out of the box crap.

The fact is that whatever area of the internet you are thinking of getting into (see the ‘So Why Do You Want A Blog Anyway?’ page) having the knowledge of how to build, tweak and promote a well optimized WordPress blog will automatically raise your game above the vast majority of the competition.

“Like taking a gun to a knife fight!” (sorry, couldn’t resist it!)


PS: If this brilliantly thought out analogy has convinced you that you really should get a membership pass to access the training tutorials I promise I’ll never talk about guns again!

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