Love WordPress ThemesI probably love a cool Premium WordPress Theme even more than I go all gaga over a new WordPress plugin!

Under the hood a WordPress site stays the same so it’s the Theme that gives a site its character.

While WordPress Plugins on the other hand add extra ‘bells and whistles‘ a theme is all about design and layout.

Sure you can find hundreds of free WordPress themes but  I personally don’t recommend using them.

While I am sure that there are some great free WordPress themes out there, created by wonderful altruistic designers, the fact is that many can contain:

  • Dormant malevolent code
  • Links to other sites, sometimes nefarious ones
  • If an old design they can sometime stop working when you update to a newer version of WordPress
  • They offer no Support if you need help.

Therefore when I purchase a theme from a well known and respected designer, or design team. I know that all those points are covered.

In fact many of the top WordPress theme outfits now base the price you pay on your being able to access their Support Team as much as for the design itself – normally on an annual basis. They often have a price per theme or a higher price for access to all themes + Support. They usually a offer a couple of free WordPress themes too for you to try out – these won’t have dodgy stuff inserted!

I use and recommend:

( Themeforest is a marketplace for designers, so always choose a popular designer who has a Support Forum)

When I find a particularly clever WordPress theme I post about it here


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