Thanks – we’re now on the job!

And your new WordPress install will shortly be under way.

We’re going to be busy little bees for the next couple of days and will email you when your new install is in place.

In the meantime there’s just one thing you have to do:


  • If you have a domain name already go to your domain name registrar’s site ( eher you purchased it) and find the area where it says DNS Settings or Nameserver Settings
  • Change whatever is there to point to your new hosting account with us by typing in these two urls into the relevant boxes:



OR (b):

  • If you don’t have a domain name yet go and buy one at
  • During the purchase you will be prompted to enter your NAMESERVER preferences
  • Enter the two shown above

It will take a day or two to propagate i.e link up with your new hosting account, whichever option you choose, but your domain name will soon point to your new WordPress install. Hurrah!

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