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Moving to a higher level:

autoresponders1Communing with your audience via email, for their benefit and yours, makes perfect sense. So how does that work? Check out the tutorial here.

I’ve already, painfully, pointed out in the audio on that link above how tough it’s been to come to terms with the fact that I waited too long before accepting  Auto-Responders into my life! Don’t make the same mistake I did, which by the way I reckon has cost me a bundle of lost income.

If I’m honest about this I have to say that like many internet marketing ideas/options/fads I just let it pass me by – I failed to see the opportunity.

So I realise that it’s quite a commitment but the fact that I hadn’t done it earlier became an excuse not to do it now. Sound familiar?

That said here’s what I now use and a couple of alternatives to look at:

AWEBER_logoAweber is my personal choice of auto-responder and it cost $19 per month for unlimited list management so if you have a number of sites and lists or just the one you pay the same. Discounts are available for annual sign-up and, if you’re serious about building a list going for the lower annual fee makes sense.

GetResponse has recently had a facelift and I have used their services in the past. However their pricing now appears to be list size related, the bigger your list the more you pay. This is also something that the recently re-launched Feedblitz has opted for and I’m afraid that simply doesn’t appeal to me so I mention them here only in case that appeals to you but for me Aweber makes the best financial sense.

PluginYou might like to try out the free version of the GWA Auto-responder plugin for WordPress before investing in Aweber. There is a paid version upgrade too and this looks very promising indeed! I do have it but haven’t played with it yet and will do a tutorial on it when I do. The only question I have at the moment is whether sending mails to your list might upset your hosting provider because of the ‘load’ it puts on a shared server.

Keyword Research tools

Google External Keyword Tool is a great kicking off point as is the free Wordtracker trial which I used extensively when I first got started in this business. If you like Wordtracker you should definitely consider upgrading.

Seeing The FutureMicro Niches Finder. I’ve been using this tool to great effect for the last 2 years. Brilliant one time payment tool to research niches and, of course, keywords. Like most of these tools this basically searches the web for all the info you need and collates it in one place so a great timesaver. Good training videos, free upgrades for life and a must have at the price.


samuraiNew and very, very cool is the incredible Market Samurai – I’ve only owned it for a few months and am still discovering new aspects to it. I’ll definitely be doing some training tutorials once I’m on top of it. I’m amazed they aren’t charging a monthly recurring fee for this tool which is constantly evolving with new modules.


keywordeliteWhen I first started on the internet in a serious way i.e. when I realised that ‘keywords and search phrases’ were what it was all about I honestly couldn’t afford Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite. Now that I can I have a copy but, in my view, it’s not as cool as Market Samurai BUT if you are interested in researching your competitors this might just have the edge.


NB: You don’t need all these tools, just the one. Otherwise you end up getting bogged down in the minutae and never get anywhere – you’ re so busy doing the research that you never make any money! I suggest that you just use the free stuff, make some money and then consider upgrading to ONE of these products so you can ramp up your earnings.


The simplest way to build a no cost membership site would be, I guess, to use WordPress’s built in Subscriber option and manually bill people monthly. Or password protect posts and change the password every month, letting members know! Nah! The WishList Membership plugin I’ve used to build this site is quite simply brilliant.

I’m not a techie person but their great training videos walked me through the whole process. So this has my heartfelt recommendation.

Wishlist Member plugin trial

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