Tools & Resources #1

Getting Started:

Yep there’s no two ways around it if you want your site to be taken seriously you need two things: a domain name and a hosting package…


Sign up for a free account over at and register your first domain name there. Enter this code Emo3 when prompted and you should get a couple of bucks off.

Check out the tutorial on keeping a domain separate from your hosting  over here

Other options are to purchase your domain name with your hosting, and if that’s what you want to do then go for it – it’s not like you’ll be doing anything wrong and it’s easier that way ( it’s just that the separation thing is better)…


I use Hostgator and Heart as it’s ultra easy to install WordPress with them and that’s what we want and why I recommend them, I don’t promote stuff I don’t use, why would I? It wouldn’t make sense.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t other really good hosting companies out there, of course there are – loads of ’em!

Simply do a search for ‘hosting companies’, and check them out, but do make sure you do your ‘due diligence’ and check that they do the C-Panel easy WordPress install.



Moving up a level:


mediamagMike Durkin and the team at Solostream has a fantastic portfolio of professional themes and the beauty of them is not only their ‘look’ but also the fact that each one can be edited inside the Control Panel in dozens of ways to make each one unique.¬† I liked them so much I’ve bought multiple themes and 2 Developers Licenses! Great support forum that I use and contribute to regularly.

Solostream discount

Woo ThemesWoothemes work in a slightly different way in that you can ‘buy one get one free’ or (best deal in my opinion) is to pay for a monthly membership – down payment and small monthly recurring charge – and get access to ALL the themes plus 2 new ones every month. Cancel your membership and keep what you’ve downloaded but you won’t get the new offerings. Sounds good to me!

thesisThe very opposite of that is the massively popular Thesis theme widely recognised as being the best ‘coded’ theme or, as they call it, a ‘SEO optimised code framework’. It’s used by some of the worlds top bloggers and is multi configurable. In fact looking at the portfolio of sites built with Thesis you’d be forgiven for thinking they were built using different themes. Massive support forum!

Getting Noticed:

Marketing tools

Linking inGetting your site listed in good directories is one of the many vital processes in building back links and raising your site’s profile and it’s really cheap to outsource it via the brilliant Directory Maximizer site that I’ve been using across multiple sites for over a year now to good effect. One blog I started last year is now bringing in over $150 a month from just one affiliate program and I do nothing!

What’s especially cool is the fact that you can add multiple site descriptions to get good relevant optimized back links and ‘drizzle’ them to link to you over days or weeks to appear entirely natural. Plus it’s been going so well for them that they now do the same in Social Media bookmarking¬† sites for me via their Social Maximizer sister site. Love ’em!


LinksI also use Angela’s Links. Basically what Angela does is search out popular, authority sites that Google ranks highly and sends you a list of 30 of them to you every month.I need to do a video tutorial on how this works but, in a nutshell, she explains how to get links to your site from each of those 30 sites.

Now that might not sound like much but, if you know the difference between ‘No Follow’ and ‘Do Follow’ links and know the value of being linked to by PR4/5/6/7/8 sites and I told you that these are PR4/5/6/7/8 sites and are DO FOLLOW links you should start getting pretty excited! How much? Just $5 a month can you believe it?


Getting Serious:

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