Hurrah! You’re Just a Click Away from the ‘Mining Money Online’ Course…

Hi smart & savvy Blog Briefing member!

Thanks for your interest in this amazing free offer from my mates Steve Clayton and Tim Goddard. I love these guys and buy all their tools and resources ( because they make me money!). SO I was really pleased when they told me I could let you guys have one of their best selling Clickbank products for free (Here’s the Sales Page if you INSIST on paying for it!) :-)

The Mining Money Online Course complete with Video Training and e-book is, in my view, the best training anyone interested in making a living, primary or secondary, online could ever hope to receive. I wish somebody had given me free access to a product like this when I first started exploring the possibility of making a living via my PC!

Even if you decide that maybe it’s not for you, this making money online malarkey, then perhaps it’s not a bad thing that you discovered this via a free complete course rather than paying some scammy bozo for a half-assed generic report! There are a lot of them out there!

I’ll be e-mailing you the link to the ‘Mining Money Online’ in just a moment.

So you’ll shortly receive a confirmation email in your Inbox with the Subject line…

Response Required: Please confirm your request for information.

…part of which will look something like this:


and you’ll need to click on that link to assure me that you’re happy to receive the course for free and the link to get it and download to your computer for study when you’re ready.

You will be able to ‘unsubscribe’ from receiving further free info from me with just one click, and at any time, if you feel I haven’t kept up my end of the bargain.

But I know you’re going to be happy with this!



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