Viber Spy Plugin for WordPress – Spy on your traffic!

The Viber Spy plugin for WordPress sites reminds me of  ‘The Machine‘ in the TV show Person of Interest – it’s a mega computer that can track anybody in the country and even anticipate their actions. The Viper Spy plugin is cooler!

VIDEO REVIEW COMING SOON – But in the meantime.. Heeeeeeeere’s Ricky:

We all want massive traffic to our sites but what good is traffic if you can’t make a cent from it. So many people confuse traffic with cash. They waste their SEO efforts, PPC efforts, because the real trick is conversions, not traffic.

No conversions = no money and Viber Spy fixes that

I use Google Analytics of course – but probably only use 10% of its capabilities – it’s a steep learning curve. Viper Spy is way cooler, simpler and gives me the information on what EXACTLY my visitors do when they land on my site. Amazing! I know I can easily sell this to my existing Offline clients for a hefty fee too!

Don’t hesitate, don’t pass go, don’t wait, just go and get the Viber Spy Plugin right now.

You’ll automatically get access to my Bonus: YouTube Implant 2.0 when you access your purchase. YouTube Implant 2.0 shows you how to insert clickable Call To Action buttons INSIDE YouTube videos. I noted that the two bonuses inside the Viper Spy download area are video related and this complements them perfectly and is a great way to get traffic to your site.

So go get Viber Spy right now and get informed

Viper Spy Bonus



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