Speed Up Your WordPress Site

How to Tune-Up your WordPress installation. Speed is of the essence these days and Google will judge you on that  Рespecially if your site is slow to load!

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WordPress Tutorials - Volume 2

List of all WordPress Video Tutorials available in Volume #2

1) How to Update and Tune Up Your WordPress Site
2) How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
3) How to restore Your Blog From a Previous Backup
4) How to Clone Your Blog to a Different Domain Name
5) How to Delete WordPress Using C-Panel
6) How to Delete WordPress Manually
7) How to Turn On Your Built-In Theme Editor
8) How to Create a Cool Static Front Page
9) How to Add Useful Widgets Onto Pages
10) How to Create a Custom WordPress 404 Page
11) How to Remove WordPress Branding Like a Pro
12) How to Protect Your Email from Email Spam Harvesters
13) How to Post to Your Blog via Email (x2 videos)
14) How to Secure Your WordPress Site
15) How to Add Bullet Proof WordPress Site Security
16) How to Speed Up Your Site With Automated Revisions
17) How to Speed Up Your Site by Caching
18) How to Integrate and Install Facebook Comments
19) How to Embed Twitter Tweets in a Post
20) How to Speed Up Your Site With Image Compression
21) How to Quickly Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
22) How to Track Your Statistics with Google Analytics
23) How to Create Search Engine Friendly XML Sitemaps
24) How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings



All Updated For WordPress Version 3.4 and Higher



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