WordPress JV Launch Themes? Too many!

Looking for a JV Launch Theme? Ever get the feeling somebody’s trying to sell you some ‘Product Launch’ software or application that just sucks? Either that or it’s the ‘Last WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need’! Yeah right!

3 new releases this month alone and that’s not including Kajabi!

If you, like me, have been swamped by the amount of ‘launches’ in the Internet Marketing sphere this year I can assure you that it’s going to be twenty times worse/better (?) in 2012!

Now I can’t comment on how Good, Bad or Ugly the actual ‘products‘ will be – well actually I canMy Prediction for 2012: most likely they will be, as they always have been, 90% re-hashed crap and a load of BS about loopholes and secrets, magic potions and never before discovered sources of traffic!

.Does anybody fall for this nonsense anymore?

I guess they do!

What I can tell you however is that next year a whole  lot of BAD launches are going to be a whole lot slicker!

In the past it was only the wealthy Guru marketers who could afford to invest in designers and video makers etc. to turn their launch interfaces into things of beauty with all over WOW-factor loveliness, well that’s not the case anymore folks!

If you’ve got a COOL product to market next year check some of these options out  and, if you haven’t, watch anyway and scroll down to the comments as I might have an idea….

First let’s start with an online service already tested by some of the aforementioned ‘gurus‘….


Set up by Andy Jenkins of Stompernet and Video Boss fame this one ain’t cheap – starting at $99.00 per month for one project and triple that for multiple launches – but it’s big selling point over and above the slick format/look, great ‘bells and whistles’ and tons of stuff you can do in the ‘back office’ is the claim that their servers can handle any size launch (none of that, “Demand was such that our servers melted!” excuse when a launch crashes). Your launch goes super nova? They ramp up the server space and bandwidth exponentially as required – simples!

So Kajabi offers all those 3+ teaser, free content style pre-launch videos which take the visitor into the Sales Funnel via the integrated ‘optin-box’ , auto-responders, fancy Facebook comments + plus ‘Tweet This’ social media integration, and, come ‘Launch Day’, the various Upsells, Downsells and Residual Membership aspects that nearly all the BIG launches have these days. The ‘coming soon’ videos – all that stuff. It is impressive…

My issue is the monthly fee, for us lesser mortals, and having all my content and members hosted ‘somewhere else’! Plus I hear on the grapevine there have been a few reported ‘bugs’ since the big launch which they hopefully have sorted out by now. I also hear that they may have some up and coming online competition from a service called ‘Upflame‘ which hints at being a similar platform and also looks very slick indeed. But let’s not forget that with Kajabi you are getting a fully contained membership site application for your buyers ‘built in’.

But I’m a small time, down town guy…

So good news then, for an old cheapskate/bootstrapper and WordPress die-hard like me, is that a couple of WordPress themes have come out this month that appear to do most, if not all (discuss), of what Kajabi says it can do with the added bonus of one price, one time for one site. Or a higher price, one time, for multiple sites. And of course, being WordPress hosted on our servers the risk of launch day crashes… ( we should be so lucky!)

So, and in reverse order of Clive’s Blog Briefing lusciousness…



Here’s the sample launch, using JVPress, that I mention in the video above  – one of many launches I’m sure that used JVPress to promote their products. Know of others? Please add in the Comments area so we can all help each other make the right choice ( well that’s the plan!)…


I’m having great fun playing with this – got a sample Squeeze page in progress here so far (nothing great I know but it’s a start!) – and while the multiple choices at first seem somewhat daunting the video tutorials walk you through them. It is a learning curve first time around though. Here’s the login page: get in touch for a demo password to see work in progress inside the theme.

Plus here’s a couple of launches in progress a time of writing using OptimizePress:

Pretty impressive stuff right? I suggest you sign up for them to watch their launch as it happens ( and NO, before you ask, I have no affiliate connection with them) – just sign up, as I have, to watch and learn from the way they use the theme!


LET’S BE CLEAR HERE – If  you want to integrate a membership site into any WordPress theme you are going to have to invest in either WishList Member or DAP (Digital Access Pass) the only two I would recommend as of today. That applies to any WordPress them you use. All I’m trying to say in the video above is that Optimizepress seems to me to have this really well integrated with pre-formatted membership pages.

Don’t get confused with the other recent release that’s just come out (seems it was ‘rushed’ somewhat to catch the ‘launch a wordpress sales theme’ wave) which is AUTHORITYPRO. while it’s a nice Squeeze page/Review style WordPress theme it does not offer what OptimizePress and JVPress do and I can’t see how they can justify the $197 price tag for a multiple site license!!!

Ditto SQUEEZE THEME – great for smart Squeeze or Sales pages but not for offering all the amazing options and stuff that my two reviewed sites above do.

My Launch Theme Conclusion?

If your product is seriously cool and your launch is going to be promoted by heavy hitting JV partners with massive lists and consequently pull in tens of thousands of optins, thousands of sales and make you as rich as Andy Jenkins and the others in the San Diego Guru Club then by all means check out Kajabi.

If you want a Squeeze Page, Sales Funnel, Membership site integration and all that other cool stuff and be able to host it all yourself and so retain 100% control ( AND have membership site integration built in?) I’m most impressed with OPTIMIZEPRESS and their level of Support and ongoing upgrades – it’s apparent that they are constantly adding new cool features and the training is excellent. JVPress is certainly similar and not to be sniffed at but, buck for buck, I get more bangs from the OPTIMIZEPRESS theme.

Check out OptimizePress

Here Endeth the Launch Theme Review!


Have a look at these others by all means but they didn’t float my boat I’m afraid:

  • AuthorityPro
  • Squeeze Page Pro ( I think they’ve died! Tell me if I’m wrong)

Stop Press!

Which of the above options have been in touch with me to give me updates, new training tutorials?
Only one, and Big Time too! Massive follow up info….


I am SO impressed with this theme and it’s ongoing support that the other JV Launch Themes I mention here should really just curl up in a dark corner somewhere and try and work out where they went wrong and promise to do better next time!



Managing Director at Big Buzz Projects
Clive McGonigal is a full time Web Developer, Marketer, WordPress Evangelist and all round Decent Chap. He lives between London and France ( on a tiny rowing boat with an internet connection) and spends his offline time wining, dining and conversing with his dogs. He loves WordPress ( themes, plugins and tweaks) and blogs about them whenever he can.

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  1. Ina says:

    Hi. Can you do a review of the Upflame theme? It is not dependent on the WordPress platform, though.

    • Clive says:

      Hi Ina,

      I noticed the UpFlame software system when it was used on a launch on something last year and I signed up at the site to receive future info. I got the email last week about the launch

      As you say it’s not a WordPress theme it’s more like a mini WYSIWYG editor “What You See Is What You Get” ( e.g. Dreamweaver and the like which is what I was using before I discovered the joys of WordPress) but this is specifically aimed at creating ‘Launch’ style sites and all that they entail. It’s a Sales Page/Sales Funnel creation software application.

      The ‘look’ of the pages you can create with the software is seriously nice – as a designer first and foremost I was real impressed. For the price, which is about the same as a decent WordPress theme I would say this is a good buy if you are only into launches and don’t want to use WordPress. ALSO the video on the Sales page is professionally shot and put together – it won’t look that nice with a poorly edited YouTube video ( just sayin’).

      My only caveat would be that it’s not WordPress! So you can’t add all the other cool functionality that you can with WordPress ( plugins/blogs/membership sites etc. etc.) but if you just want to sell your own products on the web ( e-books, courses whatever) this would give your potential customer a great first impression. However so do the WP Themes I mention above. It’s a quality product but as it’s not WordPress so it won’t be in my arsenal of web creation tools.

      Check out what I mean re the video on their Sales Page below …

      • David says:

        I checked out Upflame but its site is almost an exact duplicate of and that alarmed me. It makes me feel the Upflame product is just a licensed rebranding of Optimizepress.

        I won’t be touching it.

  2. Jay says:

    Sounds tasty Clive, especially outside of the ‘millionaire overnight’ niche. So, did you expand on your thoughts in another post?
    Thanks for the Like t’other day by the way.
    Are you up for a gas?

  3. Clive says:

    I just got access to another Launch Theme from Andy Fletcher called DigiLaunch – I’ll have a play with this one and get back to you

  4. Clive says:

    Here’s an idea! What if you created a Squeeze Page, sales funnel, for somebody else’s product or product launch?

    Capture their email address ( for follow ups), and give them good info. If I’d been on the ball I could have created my own video ‘training’ funnel for, say, OptimizePress and got it ranked high and made affiliate commissions that way.

    While this is hard to do in the Internet Marketing – Make Money Online – marketplace what if you did it for a Clickbank affiliate program about ‘building garden sheds’ or WHATEVER!

    Then use my clever Clickbank trick to bypass the Vendor’s crappy Sales Page and go straight to the ClickBank payment page with your affiliate link embedded? WOH! Hmmm, I need to think this one through…

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