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Synchronicity is a great thing isn’t it? Weird too! I’d been thinking about blog audio for a while now and thought a post was kind of overdue when, all of a sudden, some new options came to my attention.

Hmmm, thinks I – maybe a post showing the options is in order here…

Essentially what happened was that I got informed, via two separate sources, about two new blog audio embedding applications on the same day – and this all tied in with my trying to create an online audio for a pal ‘down under’ – but more on that later – first things first…

If, like me, you have a ‘face for radio’ (but do I? See the video on this post).

yep, I'm, GORGEOUS!But if you are not as ‘comely’ as me and you have decided that you want to post audios on your blog – or even become a blog audio only type person here are some of your options for embedding audio on a blog:

[N.B.For Audio Recording and Editing options see Addendum below this post]

1) Plugins

The only audio plugin I recommend is the fab Audio Player Plugin – this requires you setting up a folder in your hosting account – best is and upload your .mp3 files there ( yep only MP3 files – no .wav’s or crap like that) and then link to them using code in your posts like this:

blog audio  image#1

or, more likely, this:

blog audio #2

and you’ll end up, all being well, with something like this:


also what’s very cool about this plugin ( did I mention that it’s free?) is that you can colorize every aspect of the Player to ‘meld’ into your site’s theme and style, hurrah!

2) Embed via Podcast Sites

On investigation I discovered this was a good way to waste a lot of time! While there are loads of podcast sites out there to which you can upload your audio files for SEO purposes it’s a bugger to embed a player into your blog so I wouldn’t bother. AND, even if you do find a podcast site that makes it easy, your audio will sit on their servers and so you will be vulnerable to potential advertising/bandwidth/ “send us your money!” issues.

3) I Like Easy Video Player

Because it does Audio too as below.

Lot’s of different Audio Player formats to choose from and you can, as I do, upload your videos and audios to Amazon’s Cloud Storage ( costs literally pennies!) so come the day your blog and amazing podcasts are featured on Oprah and the world beats a path to your blog it won’t explode!

BUT: One of the issues with embedding audios into a WordPress blog using Easy Video Player is that you want to post the ’embed’ code when in HTML mode in your WordPress post’s text box. If you switch to Visual mode at any stage this will break the embed code so be sure to save the embed code, in a text .doc, while writing and editing your post for easy reference should you inadvertently forget that – I often do!

Don't use Visual Editor

Use Text Editor

TIP: If you are going to be adding lots of audio/video embed code to your posts it’s a good idea to turn off the Visual editor via: Users > Your Profile via your Dashboard left hand navigation bar.

4) Blog Radio

I came across some time ago and, if you are thinking about having a regular ‘radio style’ show on your blog ( and on the BlogTalk Radio site they are very cool looking gizmo/players)…

Listen to internet radio with Chicken Whisperer on Blog Talk Radio

You could, for example, post the embed code for the player above into your site’s sidebar widget area and your most recent show would show up but your visitors could click to listen to previous shows.
I was looking into doing this but I’d suggest that you need to be more disciplined than me in that if you say you are going to do a weekly show then you do so as listeners can sign up to be informed of your next show and it’s content. Also, of course, you could get sponsors if your show took off!
I might very well use BlogTalk Radio for a project I’m working on in the Dog Training market where I would interview an expert every month – working on that soon.

5) Posting ‘snippets’ of Audio on your Blog via an online application

Two funky online applications I came across  recently, which are just for a bit of fun I’d suggest: – simply record yourself and, when done, email the audio file to somebody or embed on your site as in…

A similar online application, albeit with a better looking interface ( and requiring free sign up) is AudioBoo: Far better than Vocaroo as you can upload an audio file ( that you’ve edited to get rid of crappy extraneous sounds, as in the Vocaroo audio above) + nice widget right?




While the online apps above are a bit of fun and podcasts can be great for ‘spreading’ the (spoken) word I’m a great believer in being in control of your own destiny ( and files) so Option #1The Audio Player plugin and Option #3Easy Video Player (ready for the day when you get famous and takes care of your video stuff too!) are the best as you are in total control of your content.

Plus with either of those you could have an online radio show on your blog. But BlogTalk radio does have a neat setup which easily allows visitors/listeners to access previous shows and subscribe for new ones.

P.S. Re those rather nice ‘Butler’ audios featured in some of the audios above they come from my ‘alarm clock’ available from the nice people at:

This, I know, has been a long post so maybe you should now have a little sleep… sleep… sleep…



As for recording/editing software and microphones: I did use the free open source software from Audacity which is fine, as it’s free, if you are just getting started.

I have also used Propaganda for quite some time now ( I’ve even bought it twice, when an old version was lost in a computer crash!). It’s about $47 but there is a free trial version – however you get ‘audio’ overlays on your free recordings with that i.e. randomly placed ads for the product.

I like Propaganda’s interface (see screenshot below) but I did find that my first version ‘crashed’ quite often – so far this hasn’t happened with my second purchase so was most likely the computer ( the one that died on me that I mentioned earlier) that caused the problem

Propaganda audio editor interface

Re microphones I just use one of those headset with microphone attached type thingamajigs – mine’s the Plantronics DSP-500 USB Headset from Amazon as I found desk microphones, to my cost, would pick up too much extraneous noise ( hard drives whirring, bird song, snoring dogs etc.)

Sure I’d love one of those ‘boom’ DJ style mic’s – it’s on my Christmas Wish list! See Amazon widget below…

What do you use? Which would you like to buy me for Christmas? Leave a comment below…

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Clive McGonigal is a full time Web Developer, Marketer, WordPress Evangelist and all round Decent Chap. He lives between London and France ( on a tiny rowing boat with an internet connection) and spends his offline time wining, dining and conversing with his dogs. He loves WordPress ( themes, plugins and tweaks) and blogs about them whenever he can.

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  1. Hirmann says:

    informative post thanks

  2. Morgan says:

    I am definitely going to add audio to my blog after reading this article. I know of several bloggers who use it frequently and the plug-in above is pretty straight forward. Thanks again, Morgan

  3. Landon says:

    Having your own radio/blog show is a very appealing. The sky is the limit especially if you have an all ready big subscriber/readers following. It is amazing how much more blogs now use audio either as snippets and or as the entire message. Clive your right blog radio is awesome and we would be stupid not to take advantage of it. I know some of the equipment you listed above is on my x-mas wish-list. :)

    • Clive says:

      Don’t forget though that having your show hosted elsewhere is kind of ‘giving away’ your audience to a 3rd party. I’m kind of undecided on this one…

  4. Kassi says:

    Blog Radio is amazing, I mean to be able to have your own podcast or radioshow is awesome. For me it is much easier to say somethings then write or blog about them. I will make sure to get some of this software on my blog ASAP. Great Post and Thank You.

    • Clive says:

      Well if your blogging about stuff and just want to go the audio/podcast route then definitely start getting to grips with the audioplayer plugin and saving audio files as MP3’s and so on to your blog – might be an idea to post a ‘transcript’ of the audio beneath right? Really helps for SEO too.

      AND look at uploading your ‘shows’ to the iplayer library ( I need to do a post on how to do that!) if they’re over 25 minutes long – heck you can sell them there if what you have to say is interesting enough to your audience! Go free first though, build a following and then see what happens….. ( I’m jealous of anyone that can do this!!!)

      Also think about getting somebody else to transcribe your audio to text so that you can have it on the blog or available via a download text.doc or .pdf – e.g. – but shop around!

  5. Matthew says:

    Blog Radio seems pretty cool. I mean who among us has not wanted to have their own radio show? I know I have. Regardless to that I just find it amazing how many avenues we have now through the web to get out information. Cheers Clive for again delivering an awesome post.

  6. Martin says:

    Blog Audio is not a new concept, but if you use it the correct way than the world is yours. As much as I love reading blogs, it is so much easier to throw on the headphones and listen to an audio post all the while reading other things on that blog.

    • Clive says:

      Yep, lots of people just download MP’s to their iplayer/pad/pod whatever and listen on the daily commute to and from their work. Offering people options on how to access your content is a great idea.

  7. Aaron Lau says:

    Synchronicity besides being an amazing Police album is a brilliant idea for a blog I especially like the idea of having an interview and streaming it on your blog.

  8. Clive says:

    Oh No! Just checked over at ‘Hot Or Not!’ and I’m not so hot anymore….

    INCREDIBLY some people with zero taste/savoir faire or sense have degraded me – I’m crushed!

    That's the way....


  9. Clive says:

    This is for my mate Pete in N.Z. who I tried to send this audio file to yesterday and he couldn’t load it ( damn you Windows Media Player!) and so I’m using AudioBoo as mentioned in the post above to pass along the good news, pretty cool right?

    PS: The tune was commissioned but the lyrics are mine. Want something similar? Checkout


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