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Anyone who’s had a good look around the Blog Briefing site knows that I have a lot of time for software designer Jonathan Leger’s applications such as The Best Spinner that I talk about in another ‘adding content’ post.

Jon’s great at creating applications that ‘intuitively’ help web site owners and marketers create new, fresh and original content FAST! without being grey or black hat and I’m really liking this new software that I’ve been playing with for the last week ( I’ve scheduled this post so it coincides with Jon’s official release of the product on July 12th).

The thing is that your blog needs to have what I call ‘Pillar Posts’ – really well thought out and researched posts that are of major benefit to your visitors and subscribers, these posts are the foundation and main components of your site. I hope I have a few of those here, although they tend to be videos and post content combined in my case.

Adding a post such as that can be hard work, once a week is kind of do-able!

BUT, at the same time you need a fast way to add more original content ( maybe daily in the early days of your blog, or at least twice a week once you’re established) that is still good stuff but that requires less work. That’s where Instant Article Factory comes into play.

First off let’s have Jon run it by you and in video #2 I’ll have a go :-)

OK, pretty cool right? Now here’s me using it for an ‘Infidelity’ site I own and need to add content to, over and above my well thought out and researched articles… bear in mind this is my first time using the app. so feel free to jump ahead over my meanderings!

OF COURSE what most auto bloggers make the mistake of doing is just ripping off articles from sites such as and the like – big mistake!
Yes! There are ways to do that well ( i.e. add an original ‘intro’ and ‘outro’ to the ezine article, complete with author link, and nothing wrong with that) but why not concentrate from the ‘get go‘ on providing original content on your site?

If you are in this game/biz for the long term then that is the best way forward for sure!

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  1. Clive says:

    BTW If you are interested in getting Jon’s Article Factory I suggest you do so in the next 5 days as the launch price discount of 45% will be gone after that time.

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