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I was recently at a 3 day Internet Marketing conference in London, mainly for the networking opportunity I have to say, and met a bunch of great people at various levels of web expertise from those just getting started and looking for ideas to a handful of multi-millionaires who were all trying to sell me stuff! (Guess that’s why they’re millionaires right?)

A few people sought me out when the word got around that I was the ‘WordPress Guy’ and I was even able to advise one Italian dude whose blog had ‘gone down’ the night before how to get it back up – and it worked!

Whew! What a relief as I don’t pretend to be expert at the techie side of WordPress.

Someone else who approached me for advice was Roy Regis who had bought 10 ‘Business In A Box’ type web sites from some Internet Marketer and was looking at ways to drive traffic to those sites as nothing was happening for him traffic wise ( or financially). Roy gave me permission to use one of his sites in a tutorial in exchange for some advice…

Hi Roy,

I’ve had a look at all the sites and I’m afraid they will never get ranked in Google, let alone well, as they are just poorly written 2 page sites ( Sales page and an Affiliate page) with little if any online Search Engine Optimization in place – and presumably others own them too so they are not even unique. In fact as far as I can see they are not even indexed in Google so Google doesn’t know they exist, or chooses not to know.

To see what I’m doing in the video below DO click on the ‘full screen’ icon (bottom right under the video) for a better viewing experience.

Further .info sites are recognized as being one of the least valued domain extensions.

The payment processor – – is new to me so stick to Clickbank and Paypal I’d say when trying to sell a product or recruit affiliates to drive traffic and sales for you.

The Sales page has no Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, About Us or Contact Page in the small print in the footer of the site. Google will write you off for that issue alone!

Sorry to break this to you, and I don’t mean to be insensitive, but the sites are crap and will never make you any money.

You asked me how you could get traffic to those sites…

The ONLY way you could get traffic to these sites would be if you could convince an ‘army’ of affiliates to promote your sites and products, and find your traffic for you. A couple of speakers at the IM conference we attended last weekend in London spoke about that e.g. Andrew X, George Brown and Tim Hua. But they were talking about quality sites, sales pages, sales graphics and the like. The sites you bought simply don’t deliver on any of those fronts.

As somebody who sells a bucket load of products that I’m affiliated with every day there is nothing that would attract me to promote the ones you have on offer.

I suspect the product then is probably also of poor quality and not worth the money? People will be demanding refunds in the unlikely event they find you and purchase…

However all is not lost if you own the rights to the product that came with your purchased site and are allowed to give it away to your future subscribers we can turn a ‘Dead Duck’ into a ‘Golden Goose’ :-)

Even if you don’t there is a workable way forward…

There’s no point in my telling you how to do what we discussed at the seminar in London (before I’d seen the sites) i.e. adding a blog to the site to drive traffic as it would be a ton of work for 100% zero reward especially in the competitive markets that the 10 sales pages you’ve shown me are aimed at. Here’s what I would do if I was in your position.

Let’s focus on one of your sites for now:

Hypnosis is a good, competitive, market to get into and there are quality products out there – on Clickbank – that sell and pay well.

1) The domain name is not a search term people use on Google – I can’t see anybody typing in “accept hypnosis” into Google search  +  it’s an .info domain. We want .com .org or .net AND it has a ‘dash’ in the middle which is pretty much recognized as being a signal for a second rate site these days.

So we need to research keyword terms that people are searching for, related to hypnosis, that are not too competitive and that we can find a matching domain name for

The one I’ll focus on is aimed at targeting the search term ‘hypnosis mind’ competition = 77,000 for “hypnosis mind”  exact search phrase which is do-able in my opinion (competition wise), anything under 100,000 competition is. And my research tells me that this term gets over 1000 enquiries a day. Doesn’t mean that this is the case of course – all search reference tools ( including Google’s own) are flawed but this looks promising!

So I suggest you purchase the domain:

There are some other really cool and relevant available domain names e.g. that came up in my research – a good funky name for a site I’d say with a reasonably popular search term built in!

2) Whatever you decide to go for the next step would be to get a WordPress blog set up on the site [tutorial] and then decide whether to promote just one Clickbank Hypnosis product or create a review site of, say, the top #5 (being affiliated to all 5 – naturally!).

Then have the ‘one product review’ or ‘multi review’ page as the static home page of the site.[tutorial] and the Blog page ( with posts) seperate. Create ‘categories’ for your posts i.e. ‘reviews’ ‘hypnosis news’ or similar.

3) Install a decent free theme like NeoEase or a  Solostream free theme. Once the money starts coming in DO get a premium theme as free themes in my book are always suspect and you never really know who they’re linking to and you also don’t know if the theme will work whenever WordPress upgrades ( which it does regularly).

4) Install the necessary plugins ( all free) [download Zip File] and write a good site Title ( 65 characters including spaces) and a Description ( 150 characters) that will stand out from the sites we’ll be competing against i.e. the ones above you in the rankings so YOU gets the click!

5) Create the About Us, Contact, Disclaimer, Sitemap pages etc. for Google LURV! [tutorial] and, of course, a Blog page where you can post articles [tutorial] about hypnosis generally, add YouTube Videos etc. etc. to keep the site constantly updated – don’t add that content too quickly though: one post a day for the first week then once every three days thereafter ( it can all be ‘scheduled’ of course) or automate it wisely with WP-Robot or similar.

Every blog post has to be laser targeted at a search term with a good search count and fairly low competition – Use All-In-One-SEO plugin for that. Create keyword rich categories too like: ‘hypnosis reviews’, ‘hypnosis videos’ etc.

6) Once all the pages are in place then let’s think about getting a trickle of backlinks to the site by commenting on other self-help or hypnosis type blogs. Get some friends to bookmark the site for you in their Bookmarking tool of choice. Spend a few bucks in and which will get Google to index the site quickly. Look at how to use RSS feeds for link juice [tutorial]

7) Rewrite 10 articles you can find on or similar or ‘spin’ them using a synonym tool such as The Best Spinner and schedule them as posts over the next month or so.Or go to somewhere like and get 10 articles written for around $50 (ask for samples of their work first). Give them 10 article titles that are hypnosis search terms related e.g. “What Are Hypnotic Scripts?”, “Covert Hypnotism Explained” etc.

8) Over time add more relevant content, videos and work on getting more back links. Create more Web 2.0 sites ( like, and a thousand others ( well yeah, one at a time obviously!) all pointing back to your site with the relevant keyword phrase, in our case ‘Hypnosis Mind‘ being the clickable link on those sites.

9) Really Important ( remember we talked about whether Roy had full rights to the product he’s currently trying to sell via his site(s) and whether he could give it away for free?) Roy needs to sign up to Aweber ( or similar) and have a subscription offer on his site i.e. SUBSCRIBE BELOW TO GET OUR FREE  ‘ TEN HYPNOSIS TIPS THAT YOU CAN ACTION TODAY ‘ REPORT!

That’s where a bit of work would come into play, but I’m sure it would be pretty easy to to come up with 10 generic hypnotism ideas and create a free report. Then get an Aweber auto-responder account to email those people, who got the free report, and remind them how much better the products you’re promoting are!

Get this right and it’s ‘Income For Ever’ with no further work on your part!

Rinse and repeat with your other 9 sites! Everything is in place so it will be far quicker to do the second and third time around!

Relevant links for this tutorial:


I had a chat with Roy via Skype after posting this – unfortunately my ‘Pamela’ recording software was obviously playing up so I lost a lot of it ( aaaghh!) BUT there’s still some useful, I hope, content here in this segment. And YES! I know I’m doing most of the talking and Roy is a reticent guy…

PS: Yep I did edit out a bit of url specific stuff that was between me and Roy – sorry about that but sharing successful urls online for all to see is not a good thing to do – lots of chancers out there! No reflection on you dear reader :-)

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