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Wordpress Membership Site Plugin - post imageWith a WordPress site the simplest way to create a membership site is to simply password protect your posts! You can do that in WordPress itself.Then e-mail your ‘members’ a new password every week to access when you add new content. Yes that would work, kind of…

…but Nah! Sounds like a lot of extra work to me and not a system that will impress your ‘members’ or give you any room for scope in the future as your site gets bigger and better

Plus it would be hellish hard to remember, organize and control once the site got busy!

Here’s the thing, there are sections of this site that are for ‘Members Only’ but to be honest I haven’t set this up as well as I could have done! But that’s down to me and not the plugin I use which is Wishlist Member.

I am now using this amazing membership plugin to build other sites, work in progress, because I truly believe that membership sites are a really cool way of giving mega content to visitors ( free or paid!) and, let’s face it, our being paid every month – residual income folks – is sweet!

Initially I was going to set up as a purely Members Only site and after quite a bit of research found the WordPress plugin that would allow me to do just that. I was very impressed with the functionality of this application even though, at least here, I only use it in a limited capacity as you’ll see in the first video below

In the second video, below, Stu McLaren of WishList Member gives some great ideas of the ways you can use WLM, the 10 Membership Models



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  1. Clive says:

    Using WishList Member you could also ’embed’ a forum into your blog ( using the free forum plugin from SimplePress) and turn that into a membership only area

    Don’t forget having a membership area doesn’t necessarily mean asking people for money! It could be just a way to make your forum more exclusive and build an email list of your best visitors!

    Simple Press Forums work GREAT with Wishlist Member! I’ll be doing a tutorial on using Simple Press Forums and how to integrate them into a WordPress blog in the future.

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