Auto Blogging – Bonus Video and Final Ideas

A couple of things for you here. Primarily, as mentioned in the video below, preparation is everything when setting up an Auto Blog.

Secondly, as regular visitors of this site will know, I normally preach against using free Worpress themes. Primarily because, for ‘authority’ blogs, you’ll come across as a cheapskate + their authors place links in them to promote their own sites. Nothing wrong with that per se but I think it should usually be avoided.

However! Auto blogging is the exception, using the same themes that hundreds or thousands of other blog creators use is a good thing!

Saying that though I have included a Zipped folder ( see below the video) that you can download that consists of 100 pretty cool WordPress themes. The sites were created by a guy promoting his hosting company and so that’s OK by me. What I suggest therefore that you do is use a different theme for each of your auto-blogging sites – or mix it up with free themes that you can find here from WordPress.

One thing not mentioned in these videos is the necessity to include a ‘Privacy Policy’ page and a ‘Disclaimer/Disclosure’. It’s the kind of ‘small print’ stuff that Google looks for and appreciates. The links don’t have to be prominent in your navigation, maybe just in the Footer of the site (right at the bottom – as I do here on this site). These pages can be pretty generic and a cool place to get your free ‘disclosure’ text can be found at:

100 WordPress themes to download:

Relevant links for these tutorials:

Recommended Free Plugins used:

Paid Plugins used (either/or):

Advertizing Options mentioned:

Hosting with extra Class ‘C’ IP addresses:

  • ( a subsidiary of but there are others – don’t have more than 5-10 automated blogs on the same IP address – it’s a ‘footprint’ and you’ll get penalized, or de-indexed by Google! Or ask your current hosting company how much they charge if they have a separate Class ‘C’ IP address service. You’ll only need to go this route once you’ve got half a dozen or so auto blogs set up and earning already, which should more than pay for a new hosting account that fits the bill!



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