Auto Blogging – Video #9

OK here’s another plugin to use, once you’re signed up with Kontera, (see links below the video) that will automatically monetize keywords in your text to ‘paid’ for products online.

Word of advice here, when using a textual linking such as this one I would suggest not doing so in combination with Adsense as I’m pretty sure that Google likes being the only ‘in text’ advertiser on any site and if you get spotted you could be marked down the rankings or, worse, lose your Adsense account!


Relevant links for these tutorials:

Recommended Free Plugins used:

Paid Plugins used (either/or):

Advertizing Options mentioned:

Hosting with extra Class ‘C’ IP addresses:

  • ( a subsidiary of but there are others – don’t have more than 5-10 automated blogs on the same IP address – it’s a ‘footprint’ and you’ll get penalized, or de-indexed by Google! Or ask your current hosting company how much they charge if they have a separate Class ‘C’ IP address service. You’ll only need to go this route once you’ve got half a dozen or so auto blogs set up and earning already, which should more than pay for a new hosting account that fits the bill!



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