Ahh, We’re So Vain!

If like me you’re generally not happy with your standard ‘mug shot’ on your blog ( why do you think I use caricatures?) here’s a nifty free online image editing application to remove unsightly blemishes, spots and wrinkles!

I guess we’ve all heard about how those ‘celebrities’ get Photo-shopped (using the nifty, but expensive, software from Adobe) but here’s a way to do it yourself online!

While I realize this will mostly appeal to spotty teens on MySpace etc. or to those advertising themselves on dating sites this could be of use to a blogger to make him or herself a bit less spotty!

I’m waiting for the “Make Me Slimmer” add-on application but in the meantime this is fun and, in a way, not cheating as it’s just you without the blemishes!

They’ve got some other funky FX in there that I’ve yet to play with but I thought this might amuse you – and I bet your spotty teenage daughter or son ( if you’re unfortunate enough to have one of those) will LOVE it!



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