How Did Your Visitors Find You?

How do visitors find you?As you know ( or should) there are many ways to find out how your visitors found your site, or a specific page on it, using Google Analytics or Market Samurai’s Rank Checker Module – both of which I use. It’s always good to know that you are ranking high in Google for your preferred ‘search terms’ but what about if somebody found you on page #5 ( or #10) of Google for a term you hadn’t even targeted?

This is kind of looking at things in reverse – not so much how our targeted Keywords are ranking but rather, “How the heck did somebody find us using that weird search phrase?” – Hmmm, sounds like an opportunity to me!

Here’s the thing – what if you are getting a handful of visitors who find you on page #5+ of Google for an obscure search term that you’d never thought of? If you had this info at your fingertips what would you do?

Well I’ll tell you what I’d do: I’d write a post on my site supremely optimized for that search term to get onto page #1 instead of page #5 or whatever! Do you think that might get me a few more visitors?

OK, I’d do some research first, using Market Samurai or similar, to check if this weird search term could actually generate some new targeted visitors to my site. I’ll come back to Market Samurai later. But first things first…

Here’s me using the very cool WordPress Rank Checker plugin recently built by my mate Paul Forcey…

Pretty cool eh? Especially when you are just getting started with a blog but super useful too for  a quick ‘snapshot’  in your WordPress Dashboard to see how visitors are finding you and then knowing what to do about it! Or just to give yourself a ‘pat’ on the back!

Now I also use Market Samurai’s Rank Checker Module that will show me the results, over time, on how my rankings ( in all the Search Engines) are progressing….

I really hope you can see the benefits of these two products individually – but especially when used in combination – to track how you are really doing in the SERPS ( Search Engine Rankings Pages) and how, more importantly, you can track the changes!

Useful Links for this post:

Paul’s Rank Checker plugin
Market Samurai
Rank Checker Add-On for Firefox browser (check this out if you don’t have Market Samurai) see video below:



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Clive McGonigal is a full time Web Developer, Marketer, WordPress Evangelist and all round Decent Chap. He lives between London and France ( on a tiny rowing boat with an internet connection) and spends his offline time wining, dining and conversing with his dogs. He loves WordPress ( themes, plugins and tweaks) and blogs about them whenever he can.

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  1. charlie says:

    This one made me laugh – (not sure how I managed to rank for this!)- see the Rank Checker Plugin email to me below:
    There has been a change in your Google rankings! is now ranking at number 25 in Google for the keyword phrase: i want my wife to be tied up by my friends

    Hmmm, why’s he searching in Google? What’s his wife got to say about it? I don’t think I’ll bother chasing this ranking :-)

  2. charlie says:

    I really like this Ranking plugin, as you say its also a great way to find out which pages I need to monetize better

    • Clive says:

      Yeah, I mentioned that this is a great feature to Paul which he hadn’t considered. I’ll be using this aspect more than any other I reckon.

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