How To Greet New Arrivals – WordPress Greet Box

Where did you come from?I really like this funky plugin, mainly for the reason that your regular visitors will never see it!

Put it this way: If a visitor finds you via: Stumbleupon/Google Search/Twitter or an RSS Feed whatever that your site ‘welcomes’ them accordingly, knowing how they found you!Possibly suggest that they Bookmark you somehow? OK the majority won’t be that giving but Hey! why not ask?

Check this out:

For example:

And there’s plenty more where that came from – if they came across your site via Delicious, Digg, Twitter, and too many others to mention here, then your site welcomes them as such and, let’s be honest here, begs for a link!

Extra good news re this funky plugin is that you can choose to include, or not, sites like Facebook, MySpace and a dozen+ others.

My view is that the more the merrier and any way you can personalize your visitors, and ask them for a ‘recommendation’, is a GOOD THING!

So, as I say, regular visitors won’t see this at the top of a post or page – just those who have found you by chance or a recommendation and might like what they see and so pass along the good news. Another tool, in other words, to get your message across!

Here’s the link to the plugin;



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