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Firstly, of course, there are no real Google Adsense secrets – ( and anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot or a scam artist in my book) you just have to know how to monetize your site with Adsense effectively and stay within their Terms and Conditions. Why do so many bloggers screw up on this simple fact?

Because, I guess, everybody’s looking for a shortcut – and while in days gone by you might have made a few ‘bob/bucks/shekels‘ by trying to get one over on Adsense – those days are long gone so don’t fall for any hype!

Here are some Adsense facts for you, garnered from my own experience, ( all of which will be covered in the Video tutorial):

Don't Make Me Angry!

First the bad news: (Much as I wish it were otherwise!)

  • If your site gets less than 100+ visitors a day your Adsense revenue will be minimal at best!
  • If you are building a site purely for Adsense revenue ( I have no problem with that by the way) don’t expect necessarily to be ranked well as quickly as you would otherwise.
  • The days of throwing up a poorly thought out auto-post site, monetized with Adsense, but with ‘scraped’ (unoriginal) content are long gone. – unless you do it properly and are prepared to build dozens of sites. If you are then that’s great! You have an Adsense future!
  • Google knows how long people stay on your site ( and if they click away via an Adsense Ad) – especially if you use Google Analytics – I advise you not to do that on these kinds of sites.
  • If people stay on your site just long enough to to click on an Adsense ad to go somewhere else what do you think Google makes of your site’s content?
  • Too many site owners are sending potential buyers of affiliate products that they could promote, and often do, ( e.g. with big buck payouts) to a competitor and getting, maybe, 20 cents in return! Madness!

Now don’t get me wrong! I love Adsense!

Google Adsense has been, and remains, a significant income stream for me! But only on some of my sites and I want to tell you why…

Now for the Good News…

  • Adsense can be a nice little earner for your new site if you do it right!
  • Getting it wrong is easy, getting it right takes no more effort – just a little application and homework!
  • In the video tutorial below I cover both aspects.

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Links relevant to this tutorial:

So, in conclusion, I’d say that building a ‘Made For Adsense’ site is OK but monetize it with other stuff too ( it won’t take you any longer to do really) and in this monetization method it’s a numbers game. The more sites you have the better!



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