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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) remains a mystery to most bloggers – how does it work and what’s the point of it? I kind of covered that in a RSS Tutorial post here. In this tutorial we’re looking to really grab RSS by the horns to promote our sites.

When you propagate your RSS feed via Google’s Feedburner ( which is what I recommend) you can have a maximum of just 2 feeds – 1 for your posts and another (if you choose) for the blog ‘comments’ visitors leave on your site – that’s it!

When you post something new on your blog the various RSS aggregator sites get ‘pinged’ by your WordPress blog and they update the feed of your site that they index to include that new post. All good stuff!

In my tutorial about tweaking your blog I explained how to get your RSS feed submitted to multiple RSS sites by adding lots of them to the relevant section in your WordPress Dashboard – I also included a list of RSS sites you can cut and paste to your blog.

But the fact remains, no matter how many RSS sites are indexing and updating your feed(s) – it’s all backlinks folks! – you still have just the one or two feeds. OK, maybe three if your WordPress theme creates a feed for your Categories too ( more about that in the video).

You can now change that state of affairs!

Find out how in these video tutorials – you can do it yourself or automate most of it with a funky plugin…

Here’s the video explaining how RSS Bomber is installed and how it works:

Links mentioned in the tutorials:



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  1. Clive says:

    Re RSS Bomber. The ‘reminder’ emails I get when I post something new ( or a ‘scheduled post’ that I set up and forgot about) is great. I just copy the link, jump over to or and job done!

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