Turn .pdf Files into Readable Online Content

If you have a web site that uses .pdf documents ( using Acrobat Reader) as a way of sending your visitors information – Newsletters, Training manuals and the like – you need to check out

Why? Because your visitors will still be able to do the usual to download your .pdf file ( i.e. right click > Save target as etc.) BUT if they just left click on your .pdf document it will show up in a ‘shadow box’ type overlay on your site.

Instead of my rambling on best if I just show you an example:

(This is a cool recent .pdf file I’ve just uploaded from my Hard Drive – the content’s great but for now don’t necessarily pay too much attention to that ( unless you want to!), just marvel at the power of the application!)

SO, ‘right click’ to download as a .pdf file ( usual method) ORleft click’ to see in action. When left clicking enlarge to full screen and click on any area of the document to magnify and move around. Cool eh?

Download PDF Transcript

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  1. Clive says:

    I just noticed that visitors viewing the document ‘online’ can also ‘Save’ as the original via an icon in the ‘shadowbox’ so this is very cool indeed.

    No doubt like most clever ‘free’ apps on the WWW it will eventually be monetized via Ads ( unless you go Premium) but that’s OK – it’s a great resource and they deserve future remuneration!

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