Delete WordPress ‘Saved’ Post Revisions!

Too many pancakesIf you’re like me you are constantly ‘tweaking’ and editing your blog posts. Problem is that every time you do so your previous posts are saved as ‘previous revisions‘ that you can revert to if you screw up or something goes pear-shaped!

All well and good of course, and maybe in future WordPress upgrades they’ll allow you to set the number of previous revisions you want to save. But I noticed the other day that here, on a relatively new site, I had a total of over 2000 revisions that I’d never use or revert to! Blimey!

Don’t forget that WordPress also ‘saves as it goes’ so this too adds to the load.

I reckon that slows down my site’s loading time and uses up a lot of resources so they had to go – but how?

As usual it’s a funky WordPress plugin!

In this instance it’s one that was recommended to me on the Solostream Forum:

N.B. Be sure you’re happy, on the whole, with all your posts and pages as this WILL delete all your previous revisions.

P.S. As usual I’m just talking about plugins that I use on this site, and others, that have worked for me. Do your own due diligence, always backup your database and don’t coming screaming for my head if a plugin doesn’t work for you!



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