What Is IMeye? A Game Changer I’d Say!

If you do any sort of marketing online…e-commerce, Pay Per Click, CPA, Blogging for Adsense revenue or affiliate income, then listen up as the following video is going to reveal an amazing tool that has the potential to multiple your income TEN-FOLD in the remaining months of 2010 and beyond.

If you are short of time, then hit this link:

…however, I strongly encourage you to read the following in FULL.

Here’s the IMeye scoop…

IMeye logoSteve Clayton and Tim Goddard ( long time heroes of have just spent $100,000 and recruited a work force of 120 people in order to produce the most game changing tool in internet marketing since Word Tracker arrived all those years ago.

It’s called IMeye.

…But what exactly is “IMeye”? And what does it do?

Well, IMeye is a revolutionary new way to find massively profitable markets and niches by making keyword research “smart” and not relying on ME to accidentally find decent opportunities!

…and, as good as they are, it also works in a COMPLETELY different way to other popular tools like Keywordspy, Spyfu, Market Samurai & Keyword Elite one of which ( Market Samurai) I use regularly.


Because IMeye uses a proprietary method of gathering the BEST keywords out there, doing all the analysis and research on them… and then storing them in a HUGE database ready for your use.

What this means is that almost all the tiresome search work is eliminated and with a push of a button, you will be able to:

  • Rake in tons of cash by identifying the highest paying Adsense markets and then being shown targeted low competition keywords phrases that you can dominate on Google almost immediately. Create a WordPress blog for just that market!
  • Pin point super-profitable e-commerce niches that have minimal competition but have the potential to do millions of dollar in sales. Sell stuff, maybe as an Amazon affiliate!
  • Find high volume keywords which are just 5 cents a click on Google so you can drive tens of thousands of interested prospects to high converting Affiliate offers or CPA programs.
  • Get access to VAST sources of untapped traffic that you could use for any number of affiliate or online marketing projects!

…and that is literally just a start.

It’s almost impossible to describe in words how powerful IMeye is and how much money you could make from using it.Trying to put a document together with all its uses would be like trying to document all the uses of a hammer!

…so click the link below to see it in action and also be sure to grab the free report that demonstates some of it’s features more extensively:

View the IMeye Video walkthrough NOW! >>>

PS: Don’t forget to download the free report that shows a real world example of IMeye in action.

IMeye program



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