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Now I realize that this might not be for you right now – especially if you’ve just found Blog Briefing and aim to get a new WordPress Blog up and running first.

But, if nothing else, watching Steve’s and my videos below will give you an insight into the possibilities once you get on top of this blogging malarkey ;-)

As I’m always stating: I only promote stuff that I personally use or benefit from – and that will become apparent in Video #2.

Steve and Tim’s Internet Marketing Advantage (IMA) and all it’s built in Tools, Resources and Training has allowed me to cancel a load of other, less successful (well, for me anyway), programs that I was previously subscribed to, but rarely used.

More importantly it’s focused my ‘online activities’ and my income has increased accordingly! No two ways about that!

So first off let’s hear from Steve, then I’ll show you my ‘Behind The Scenes‘ video:

IMA-signupIMA -7day trial

Here’s my quick ‘behind the scenes‘ video and my using my favorite IMA tool:

IMA-signupIMA -7day trial

Yep, the monthly charge might seem exorbitant to a new arrival on the Blogging scene but as far as I’m concerned the ‘acid test‘ is this: Do I make more than I pay out for using this program – and the answer is a very BIG YES! I only wish I’d discovered it sooner.

I treat is a tax deductible expense (marketing), so for self-employed businesses looking to market themselves more effectively on the web ‘go for it‘! Business owners who take a leaf out of ‘Internet Marketing For Money’ type tools and techniques can seriously crush their opposition, in Google Local Search for example.

So do as you wish but I suggest that once you can churn out a good, SEO optimized, blog whenever you want ( as per the tutorials on this site) you’d be crazy not to give this a try, to super-charge your blogging efforts!

Cool Stuff I use to make this all come together:

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