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It took me ages to discover how I could record my Skype conversations for free – mind you I’m talking about 6 years back when Pamela had just come of age!


NOW, with ‘Pamela‘ software, recording Skype is super simple – just watch out for the 15 minute cut off!

I now only use Skype as my telecommunication tool of choice. I only have, and pay for, a  landline phone connection in the UK and France to ensure a nice high speed broadband connection to the WWW. I’m a pioneer Skype Guy and have been since 2003 – when it was just getting started.

It’s a must have tool if you are considering interviewing people on your blog or creating podcasts to upload to various podcasting sites for marketing purposes and/or back links. In this video we’re going to check out Pamela, find our audio file, and upload it to our site ( and get it to play on our post/page using the Audio Player plugin).

While I’m at it I’ll show you where to get an updating Skype ‘badge’ that you can put on your site that shows your current Skype status e.g. Online,  Away, Offline etc.

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Clive.

    This is my first ever post to a blog, so quite a moment for me.
    Just to say, ta for the info. I suspect I’m one of those musicians you refer to in your video and not surprisingly the audio player has to be one of the most essential of all plugins.

    By tweaking the colurs etc I’ve managed to integrate it into the site and have loads of the damn things dotted around. For anyone interested, I’ve got about 18 on this page!…

    Thanks too for all the nicely pitched tutorials, without which I’d probably still be trying to decipher the gobbledygook on the official word press docs site!

    • Clive says:

      Happy to help Peter.

      The Audio Player plugin is a ‘must have’ for anyone looking at using audio (including music!) on their sites. Aspiring pop groups take note – it doesn’t all happen on!

      I’ve added the plugin to my ‘looooong’ list of post ideas and to do an in depth review ( maybe even interview the creator, who knows, it’s the Intertube and the world is our Lobster!).

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