Audio and Video Comments? What!

Now this is something that, so far, looks very cool to me – a plugin that allows your site visitors to leave Audio or Video comments on your posts.

Now if you’ve got your ‘Comments’ options set up correctly as I mention in  a previous tutorial and here too,you won’t have to worry about somebody leaving an obscene Audio! Ain’t going to happen!

What if it does anyway? I think that would be fun!

OK, the plugin is called Riffly and it’s quite simply gobsmacking! As you can see below in the Comments section. Whether it’s going to take off, who knows? But I think it deserves to.

Of COURSE it’s monetized with Ads over which you and I have no control, natch, but no surprise there right?

But I’m OK with that, even though I dislike text ads on videos, as it’s their hosting servers that are soaking up that video bandwidth (which also explains the low video quality). I think they offer an Ad Free version but of course that’ll costs money.

Anyway, I’m not too worried about the ads aspect since it’s purely in the Comments.

I need to play with this a bit more to discover, for example, whether if you leave a video comment here can I grab it and use it in another post, maybe answering your question – which would be very cool don’t you think?

UPDATE: Yep there’s a link under the video which takes me to the Riffly video sharing site where I can grab the video embed code.



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