Movie Clips from Yesteryear!

If, like me, you’re interested in making video for your blogs then this free resource will interest you.

It’s the Prelinger Archive of old, very kitsch to our modern eyes, TV and film footage from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and these ‘gems’ are free to download and use in your own video editing fun. Scroll down the page for an example…

I can see myself having a ball with some of  this stuff!

The drawback however seems to be that a ton of people are probably embedding these videos on their web sites and so the Library of Congress ( or whoever) is paying for a load of bandwidth. I suspect when their daily limit is reached the video would no longer appear on your site. That certainly happened while I was writing this post, just a big block of white space where the video should be.

My solution was to download the video as an MP4 file and then upload it to my Amazon Web Services account using my Easy Video Player application.

That way the only person who has to worry about bandwidth charges is me and the video will always appear. This is better than simply uploading the video to my hosting account as the majority of hosting companies don’t like you doing that, especially if you get a lot of hits/views ( maybe somebody forwarded your post to Digg, StumbleUpon or similar) and your site could go down.

Here’s a good example:

By the way check out the lyrics to the song! (Presumably written by their Legal Department!):

“Top tunes all over America, as determined by your Hit Parade surveys, that checks the best-sellers in sheet music, and phonograph records, the songs most played on the automatic coin machines, and the songs most heard on the air; an accurate, authentic tabulation of America’s tastes in popular music: Your Hit Parade!”

and here’s the link:

  • AND here’s the link to Easy Video Player if you’re serious about using video on your site but want to host them in the ‘Cloud’ via AWS at Amazon….



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