Does Google Know I Exist?

If you want to find out if Google has noticed your lovely new WordPress blog yet, and put it in their SERPS (search results) here’s how to find out:

Type into Google’s Search Box this:

or, if you want to see if a specific post or page has been indexed yet:

P.S. I suggest you make sure that your site is indexed by Google before you even think about creating back links to boost your rankings!

Why? Because maybe the Google Gods will consider it odd that 500+ sites are linking to your site when you only built it yesterday, it has no content and is not yet in their Index! Be sensible folks!

Don't make Google angry!

So if your site doesn’t show up, what to do?

Sign up for a free account, if you don’t have one already, and submit your site stating, simply that it’s new, you’re proud of it, and want to share it with the world! Obviously you can do that for individual posts later ( using whatever Bookmarking plugin you’ve installed – I like Sexy Bookmarks which you can see below this post) – but just ‘Digging’ your own posts is not a good idea ( ask some friends with Digg accounts to do it for you!) and make sure to ‘Digg’ lots of other peoples stuff on Digg so you’re not seen as just a self-promoting spammer!

Create a free account and place an ad to your site in the relevant category. It won’t always be accepted but it’s worth a shot.

The thing is that’ sites like Digg, Craig’s List etc. are super popular so Google visits those sites super fast and therefore your new site gets found super fast too!

You are, if you like, piggy backing on these regularly ‘crawled’ sites – and nothing wrong with that – it’s like waving to Google and saying, “HEY, over here!” and the fact is that Google will see you waving and come over to check you out and place your site in their big Google Index. Hurray!

There are lots of other sites that Google value/rate highly and therefore visit regularly that you can do this on, but don’t OVERDO it – remember this is only to get your site in Google’s index quickly. I’ll discuss in other posts about how to use Social Bookmarking and Networking sites to give your sites rankings a boost.

Quick Postscript:

I wrote this tutorial as I’d churned out a quick promotional blog over the weekend (today’s Tuesday)  – but before writing the post I noted, using the technique above, that Google did not know my site existed and so I submitted to Digg ( thinking I’d do Craig’s List later – but NO NEED!)

Guess what?……

When I finished writing this short post, it took me maybe 30 minutes to do, I checked again and my site was indexed in Google. Voila!

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