Blogging For Money? – an explanation

I’m a massive fan of Anthony Fernando ( well it’s Doctor Anthony actually!) of Market Samurai. He’s recently come up with a new training/explanatory video which is MEGA!

The most succinct explanation of how basic blog monetization works I’ve seen to date.

Blogging For Money is a reality if you do it right!


Anthony Fernando

Anthony’s video, below, will explain to many who just don’t ‘get it’ as to how it’s possible to monetize a blog.

If I was new to the blogging world this video would get me excited and, no, you don’t have to own Market Samurai to do this kind of thing on your new blog but it helps because you have to get the visitor traffic to get the results and you only get visitor traffic by optimizing your various blog content for well researched key phrases.

If you want to research keyword search phrases to focus on I’ve done another rambling tutorial here ( Anthony puts my training to shame!) in which I use free tools as well as others such as Market Samurai.

Anyway here’s Anthony’s video – a real eye-opener for anyone sitting on the sidelines and thinking,

“Do I really need a blog? What’s in it for me?”

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Check out Market Samurai here if you’re ready to raise your game

More training from Anthony:
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Check out Market Samurai here if you’re ready to raise your game ( I think their free trial thing is still ongoing).

Here’s something to consider – once upon a time, not too long ago you’d pay good money to receive this kind of ‘real’ content. Anyone who’s been a Blog Briefing member for a while knows that I hate, with a vengeance, much of the B.S. propagated by the scam merchants online, looking to fleece the new guys on the block.

So to get seriously cool informative content from Anthony ( sure he’s got a product to sell but what the heck, his info’s good) is an all too rare treat as far as I’m concerned.



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  1. Morgan says:

    Every time I turn around, I’m hearing positive reviews on Market Samurai. proper keyword research is absolutely critical if you want to compete. I think it can seriously help in getting the proper long-tail keywords for my market.

  2. Keith says:

    Wow! Market Samurai is the real deal. I am so ready to get off the sidelines and get into the game and Anthony Fernando as well as yourself have really motivated to me to do so. Blogging is fun I really enjoy it and I think now I am ready to make a few pennies off it. Thanks!

  3. Wes says:

    Sweet info Clive thank you so much. I just checked out the Market Samurai’s site and it looks fantastic I can’t believe how really easy it seems (!) to make money on on simple blog. Great stuff thank you.

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