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toolsThis is one of the first SEO things to do even before your blog has much or any content. They’ll also come in useful later when you’re a blogging superstar!

It’ll only take you 3 minutes and is as good a way as any to let Google know your site exists. Will it get your site indexed on Google quickly? Maybe.

What will be useful in the future is you are able to discover whether the GoogleBot has any problems crawling ( and hence indexing) your site’s content – posts and pages. If it does you will find out here and fix the issue. This will also optimize your search engine rankings. Happy days!

For example if you’ve deleted a page on your site yet are still linking to it from others the tool tells you what those pages are so you can edit the naughty posts and edit those obsolete links out.

It will also give a quick snapshot of popular search terms by which people found your site – it’s not Google Analytics but you’re going to register there too right?

My only caveat ( to both Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics) is that I reckon they should be avoided if your blogs are the ‘made-for-adsense’ type sites. My suspicious mind tells me that giving Google extensive permission to track everything that happens on your site is not a good idea when people find you in a Search, stay 10 seconds – just long enough to click an ad – and never come back.

Maybe Google records all that stuff anyway but if you’ve got Tools and Analytics installed they definitely do – and they won’t like your site much!

So, if that applies to you, I’d suggest setting up a free account to track your visitors and how they found you.

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