Premium Worpress Themes? – This is a whole new level!

Here’s a tip for you, take it on board or not as you wish, Free Worpress themes have potential security issues!

In your day to day life you are well aware that getting something for ‘free’ invariably comes at a price of some kind so why would you suspend your disbelief on the WWW?

Here’s the thing: Free WordPress Theme designers sell links to other interested parties ( well, if they’re smart they do) consequently…

Your free WordPress theme could be linking to who knows what or where! BAD NEWS!

Now I understand that ‘paying’ for a theme seems crazy when there’s all that, ” …free stuff out there!…” but don’t be a ‘cheapskate’ if you’re serious about building a serious Blog.

Free themes, like the free blogging sites are for people who are traveling the blogging road as a hobby, at best! More fool them!

But here’s the coolest thing I just discovered, see video below, where you can test drive a multitude of Premium Themes, for 24 hoursĀ  to check out if they’re something you’d like to install on your site.

Here’s the link for this ‘test run’ service on Woo Themes.

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