Quick Keyword Research Tip – Get Focused!

The title of this post is meant to be a tad ironic as you will see when you check out the videos.

On the lookoutAs you’ll see I am easily sidetracked into doing some in depth research on the competition, when I find what looks like a promising keyword phrase….

The simple fact is that, unless you are a Super Blogger and already have a bunch of followers/subscribers, your site will most likely be found ( or NOT!) by people ‘searching’ for stuff and typing their ‘search phrase’ into the search box of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

So when you are writing posts or pages for your site it makes sense to find highly searched for Keyword Phrases – in my example below it’s “dog training tips” – to incorporate into your post’s/page’s title and ( to a certain extent) content.

BIG problem is that those super popular phrases, like my one, have a LOT of competition – everybody and his dog ( snort! Note to self: Brilliant word play/association – keep it up.) will be chasing it and optimizing their sites for it.

So a smart marketer uses that initial key word phrase as the basis for finding a search term less typed in by a potential visitor but one that is easier to rank highly for as it will have less direct competition.

There are a few good Keyword research tools, such as ‘Wordtracker‘ and funky applications like ‘Market Samurai’, ‘Micro Niche Finder’ and others – see links below the videos – ( that speed up some of the more in-depth research that I got sucked into) but in this video I’d intended just using the ubiquitous Google’s External Keyword Tool – but then – something happened…

I thought I’d found something good, did more research and then find that I hadn’t! Doh! Or had I?

Let nobody ever accuse me of having a planned out, scripted video tutorial! At least this is real and along the way I research a few interesting keyword phrases with low-ish (i.e. beatable) competition and possibly accept that the sad news is that Google’s Keyword Tool can give you poor quality info, especially if you take it at face value.

This journey also includes me critique-ing a ‘Made for Adsense’ WordPress blog and my using all the keyword research tools in my arsenal, free and paid, those that are easy to use and maybe one that’s bit more geekish!

Anyway to avoid brain overload I ended up making two videos…

and here’s the second video where I do some more digging this time with a couple of recently acquired tools…

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I was probably not reading the Google Keyword Tool in the right way but would you have got excited over that first potential Keyword Phrase too?

All I’m really saying is that double checking with another tool is a good idea whether it’s the free trial at Wordtracker or one of the other funkier ones I use – saves a lot of time writing a post ( or even building a whole blog) around a particular ‘Keyword Search Phrase’ that, in reality, gets hardly any searches at all!

When I do eventually get around to writing a post on my Dog site for this Keyword Phrase I’ll do another video and see which tool was on the money!

Tools used in this tutorial:



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