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Black hat white hatOK this is Blog Briefing wearing it’s ‘grey(ish)’ hat as opposed to our normal white one!

What I mean by that is that while I hope you are going to create at least one unique, authoritative blog which addresses and helps a certain group of people ( and of course making some money along the way).

You’ll be doing that by targeting your content at popular search terms that people are typing into their search engine of choice and monetizing your posts accordingly. But I would be a poor mentor if I didn’t discuss  and explore the ways to generate content for your blogs FAST – and/or to generate lots of relevant back links.

This is for those of you who are here to find out how to throw up a quick blog, or blog content, to generate some cash via Adsense or Affiliate revenue and, once done, throw up another to generate some more. You’re not necessarily looking at getting subscribers or repeat visitors.

Now $25 a month with Adsense from a blog doesn’t sound much but if you have 20-50 blogs earning that amount the monthly return it looks a bit more healthy right? Plus if your also promoting an affiliate product that generates, say, $25 per sale we could be talking a significant amount of change. Or you could auction any one of those blogs at, on average, 12 x monthly earnings.

I’ll talk about auctioning sites, and the back linking benefits of being able to create fast content, in other posts but here it’s about actual blog posts for your blog(s). But you need to create dozens, hundreds of pages/posts to go this route. Simply impossible for one person to do would you agree? This post itself IS unique, i.e. all my own work, but it’s a bit longer than usual as I wanted to make it as complete as I could anyway…

Let’s see what people who don’t know any better do…

1) There are loads of article sites ( e.g. out there where you can find articles about virtually any topic and you’re allowed to use those in your blog as long as you post them in their entirety i.e. including the author’s attribution and link at the bottom of the article…

Problem! Duplicate content Alert! Google knows that your post is not original and so while your page may be indexed it won’t be ranked well – the author gets a nice back link but you ain’t really going to benefit much as the original post will always rank higher in Google than your copy of it. In fact you may even be penalised by Google as being a copycat!

2) Using PLR ( Private Label Rights) e-books/articles/reports – Find, borrow or buy some PLR content relating to your blog’s target audience and breaking it up into posts ( it’s yours so you wont have to add a link or reference to the original author).

Problem! Duplicate content Alert! Google knows that your post is not original and so while your page may be indexed it won’t be ranked well if at all ( being on page 37 of Google’s search results is not going to do you any good). There are probably a ton of other people using that content too.

Here what some slightly smarter (craftier) people do…

3) They get content as in #1 and #2 above but write or re-write the opening and closing paragraphs, don’t add the original author’s attribution or link to make the article appear unique to search engines.

Problem! That takes time and again Google is smart and getting smarter every day ( think SkyNet from The Terminator!) and while this may have worked once ( as, way back when, did #1 and #2) it’s highly unlikely that Google is fooled by this.

4) They ‘outsource’ their article writing to somebody else for $3-$10 via a site such as

Potential problem. 100’s of articles is quite a cash outlay and it can be difficult and time consuming to check ( using a site like to be sure that your outsourcer is not doing #1, #2 or #3

Here’s what the even smarter people do…

5) Use Automated software to search the web for relevant content for the search phrase they want to rank for – but from loads of different sources to create something pretty unique.

6) Take the resulting content and run it through a Spinning program which, with very little work, adds alternate words (synonyms) or phrases all through that content to make it even more unique ( more unique? Less unique? Doesn’t really make sense but you know what I mean) then the software ‘spins’ that one unique post into dozens  of other variants of the original.

BUT! And This Is A BIG BUT by the way: Add something of value!

Google itself says it has no problem with duplicate content as long as there’s something extra e.g. Value Added Content! So if you, say, spin an article on ‘How To Groom a Dog’ add a paragraph ( maybe top and bottom) of original, useful content that adds more value to the page.

Sounds like extra work? Well yes it is but then you aren’t a scammer/spammer are you? You could even quote an Ezine Article in full ( complete with Author attribution etc.) and remain kosher!

7) If they don’t have time to do this themselves they give their outsourcer access to those two bits of software to massively boost their production and reduce costs.

Here are the two bits of software I use, and therefore promote, if this is the way that you want to create original content for your blogs fast.

Instant Article Wizard Pro and The Best Spinner are both creations of Jonathan Leger whose software  I have been using for some time and by crikey the time and money I’ve saved as a result has been quite impressive.

In the following video Jon talks about, first, Instant Article Wizard Pro ( which in itself is a great research tool for writing articles anyway) and secondly about the, just released, Best Spinner. Each of these are available for a weeks trial for just $7 so give one or the other a go. I mostly use The Best Spinner to turn the PLR content I own into more original content for posts on my quick blogs – BUT ALWAYS ADD EXTRA VALUE!

Can you appreciate the power and speed of combining both of Jon’s programs and being legit by ‘adding value’?

Products and links mentioned in this post:

Bonus: here’s a video from Dr Antony re using Market Samurai for adding content effectively:



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  1. Clive says:

    BTW the Best Spinner has been updated by Jon and you can now ‘spin’ sentences and paragraphs not just words and phrases. Training video here:

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