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It’s a lonely old business working from home, you can become a bit of a recluse if you’re not careful. Being in touch with like-minded people around the world helps.

This video reminds me of the possibility and power of global friendships!

No, it’s not that it’s just a cool song, stick with it for a minute or two and you’ll see where it’s going. A tremendous editing job by the creators and possibly inspired by that viral video that showed a guy doing his daft dance in different countries and locations around the globe ( was that one faked, I can’t remember?) Anyway this, to me, is way cooler!

I am lucky enough to have ongoing relationships ( business, friendship or both) with a myriad of people from all over the world which is great. Will I ever meet them in person? Hopefully, maybe, who knows? But thanks to contacts I’ve made in Forums, Blogs and the like I have a small, but very cool, network of people I can call on for advice, help, support and to exchange information with them when it comes the question of how to earn a buck/quid or euro ( or two) online – or simply just being on their team, and they on mine!

Fact: Online business friendships are motivational!

I suppose that was the reason I set up this blog – it’s pretty easy to establish new relationships with people with whom you have something in common. In the video it’s music, for my extended group of friends it’s generally about blogging and working online full time.

So if WordPress blogging is your thing, or you want it to be, why not join some of your peers here.

Let’s make beautiful music together! :-)



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Clive McGonigal is a full time Web Developer, Marketer, WordPress Evangelist and all round Decent Chap. He lives between London and France ( on a tiny rowing boat with an internet connection) and spends his offline time wining, dining and conversing with his dogs. He loves WordPress ( themes, plugins and tweaks) and blogs about them whenever he can.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Some of my best business relationships were established online with people from around the world. As we speak, I am doing business with people in Canada, United States, England, and United Arab Emirates. I love how connected we can all be from different corners of the planet.

  2. Katie says:

    I think that is the beauty of the web and networking especially social networking is you really can form friendships with people that you never knew existed. I am a big Twitter person, and have daily tweets with people from the UK, USA and Brazil. I don’t even speak Portuguese and yet these people are I hope genuinally interested in what I have to say. Awesome.

  3. Carter says:

    I am with you 110% on this. 5 years ago I would never thought that I would be in contact regularly with people from Europe, Asia, and Australia. It has been a great way to broaden my business as well as make some lasting online friendships. :)

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