Blogging To The Bank Cured My Overdraft!

Blogging To The Bank 3.0When Rob Benwell released his first version of Blogging To The Bank I bought it. That was back in 2006 and now, fours years later here I am typing this from my desk in a farmhouse in Normandy, France.

Are these two facts connected?

Damn right they are! B.T.T.B allows me to live and work where, and when, I please. Huzza!

Which is why I’m seriously promoting Rob’s new updated product to this site’s visitors. In fact my blogging video tutorials combined with Rob’s monetization stuff are a marriage made in Blog Heaven!

Blogging To The Bank 2010
In 2006 I hadn’t done anything blog wise on the net – yet here I am in 2010 with this, my own blogging membership site and community, plus a small harem of WordPress blogs that make me an online living. I build WordPress blogs for private clients using premium themes and know how to optimize them for the Gods of Google thanks to Rob. When I need some quick spending money, or am at a loose end, I even build blogs (usually over a 48 hour period) and sell them at auction over on

I can proudly state that many regard me as a blogging expert and pay me to build their blogs or simply consult via phone on their blogging techniques. The majority of my blogs make money selling products ( physical and digital), advertising space or just plain old text ads like Google Adsense.

In 2007 Rob sent me the updated version of Blogging to the Bank 2.0 which raised my game yet again and now with version 3.0 he’s has excelled himself once more. Naturally his blogging fundamentals remain the same but the internet is an ever evolving environment and some of Rob’s previous teachings are now obsolete. I’m a great believer in keeping up with trends on the WWW, especially on Google¬† and Rob’s new release keeps me on the cutting edge. I also like the fact that the guy is constantly updating his product and isn’t afraid to say,

“Hey! That was good blogging advice at the time and remains so, but here’s a ton of even better advice!”

Now that’s as it should be but, trust me, is pretty rare on the web these days and is why I try and emulate his training style which is that of a normal guy who doesn’t talk down to people. I did buy other blogging products and memberships after Blogging To The Bank and, quite honestly, needn’t have bothered – I learned nothing new!

Which is why Rob’s training is the only blogging monetization I recommend here on Blog Briefing.

In fact the ad below is what I feature on many of the posts I make for readers of this blog who have got the blog building basics under their belts and now want to raise their game and earn some dosh!

Blogging To The Bank 2010

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