Clickable GMail Signature? Yep!

A nice Firefox add on has spurred me on to do something I’ve been meaning to look at for ages – adding HTML links to my Gmail signature. This lovely app. goes farther…

…I can add my Networking icons too! Happy days!

For some reason GMail’s default ‘signature’ set up (via your Settings tab) does not accept HTML but WiseStamp sorts that for you (it’s free too!)

Now if the word Firefox means nothing to you here’s what it is – an alternative to Internet Explorer, the browser that comes pre-installed in Windows and therefore most computers.

Firefox, put simply, works faster and smarter than Internet Explorer, is quick and easy to install (and you can always use Internet Explorer too if you wish, you’re not doing anything drastic to your computer by downloading Firefox – all you’re doing is installing a small piece of software).

For Bloggers and Internet Marketers, or anyone who’s serious about the WWW as a business, Firefox excels as it has Add Ons/Extensions – in much the same way a WordPress blog has Plugins or an iPhone has Apps – so you can add different tools that are really useful for your web adventures and endeavours and I’ll talk about other great Firefox Add Ons in another post.

For now just go and download Firefox here.

Once you’ve got Firefox up and running let’s go get that WiseStamp

WiseStamp’s text editor has tons of options and easy to use for designing personalized signatures. You can have more than one – Personal and Business – and can switch between them via the new WiseStamp icon that will appear in your GMail account’s editor. Wisestamp works in most other web based email providers too, in fact anywhere that you can edit HTML online ( think Google Docs).

So type what you want in your signature and customize elements such as font class, style, color and add your own logo or photo if you wish. Brilliant!



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  1. McKay says:

    Firefox is so cool! I can’t believe I even used Explorer for as long as I did. Wisestamp is just another genius idea from an amazing company that really seems to care about making the web a universal resource. I will use Wisestamp now because I love Firefox and just about everything they do.

  2. Zach says:

    People still use IE Explorer? I thought that had gone extinct with ZIP Drive and Tyrannosaurus Rex. I love Firefox and have loved it since the first day I used it. Wisestamp seems very cool I will have to check it out.

  3. Kelly C says:

    You can download WiseStamp for Google Chrome too!

    • Clive says:

      Thanks Kelly, I do use Chrome some of the time but mostly Firefox. Internet Explorer? I have it installed but that’s about it! I’m not sure if WiseStamp works in other online writing apps like Google Docs etc. but will explore that as it could be useful if it does.

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