To Blog, Video Blog Or Podcast?

While text blogging, with some static images or photos, remains the most popular form of blogging today here’s a tip! Lot’s of people have Broadband these days.

So a video blog and/or audio blog ( using podcasts) might be your way forward.

I had to laugh the other day when I read that, when deciding if video or audio should be your chosen format ( I have a face for radio!), you should upload your photo to a Hot Or Not? type site.

I know I’m no longer the snaked-hipped love god that I was in the ’70’s and that my umming and ahhing and refusal to script my audios might be perceived as a bloody cheek by some visitors but I am sufficiently ancient and thick skinned to not really care too much – I’m not here to sell L’Oreal products ( no, I’m NOT worth it) or sell elocution videos so what the heck!

Let’s explore this train of thought in this video:

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Postscript: 12 hours later and I received an email from HotOrNot to check out my rating. Eat your heart out and NO I didn’t rig it! It would appear that some generous (or desperate?) people consider me HOT! Don’t worry though I will try and practise restraint in appearing in my training videos :-)



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  1. Clive says:

    OH NO! HotOrNot’s viewers are coming to their senses! I’ve dropped to 8.7 – I’m crushed ;-)

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