Transfering Files Via F.T.P.

filezillaWhile the latest versions of WordPress allows you to install plugins and new themes without using FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) it’s still very handy to know how to do it yourself.

In fact I swear by it as I like to ‘see’ the files moving from my computer to my hosting company’s server!

Fortunately there’s a cool, and free, bit of software that makes it really easy.

You can also transfer files through your hosting CPanel, and via your WordPress dashboard (more on that later) but each to his own and Filezilla works just fine for me and will for you too. In the video tutorial below you’ll see how to download Filezilla and how to use it (don’t worry it’s easy!)

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Glossary/Explanation of Techy Terms used in this tutorial:

  • Filezilla: A free FTP program/application.
  • FTP: Stands for File Transfer Protocol and is how you transfer files from your computer to your hosting company server.
  • Web Server: The computer at your hosting company where your site sits.
  • Firefox: Another type of Browser ( like Internet Explorer) – more on Firefox later – you don’t need it for this tutorial.
  • Drag and drop: You can left click on a folder with your mouse and, keeping the left button held down, drag the folder around your computer screen and, by releasing the left button, drop it in an new location. In the same way you can drag and drop files from your computer to your server with Filezilla.
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    N.B. Just be sure to drop it in some clear ‘white space’ and that no folders in your server’s window are highlighted or you might ‘drop’ the folder inside another plugin’s folder. Better yet use the ‘right click – upload option I mnetion in the video.

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  1. Kelly C says:

    Hey Clive!! Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your site.. You are so great!!


  2. Clive says:

    Don’t forget that using the ‘Site Manager’ option as I do your FTP connection details will be there the next time you open Filezilla, very handy especially if you have more than one site.

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