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Mrs Angry CommentSo why is the WordPress feature of allowing your visitors to comment on your blog’s posts or pages a good thing? Because when they do they add content to your site!

Google likes to see pages being updated with new content so inviting your visitors to comment on site is a must – every time a new comment appears and Googlebot re-visits the page it takes note of that and your page will go up in its estimation.

Posts I wrote over 2 years ago still get comments so the page stays ‘fresh’ which is great – but there are other reasons too, for example:

  • Interactivity – a good post with lots of comments and ‘comments on comments’ is like a conversation and promotes return visits (see recommended plugins below).
  • Now that comments can show peoples gravatars, if they have one, this personalises the comments even more.
  • They allow you to build relationships with your visitors.

I, as a rule,  ‘moderate’ my comments. In other words when somebody posts a comment they get a ‘Your comment is awaiting approval’ or similar. I will then be e-mailed by the blog to ask me to approve it or not.

That’s not because I have a problem with comments attacking me or the post (far from it, that’s what make conversations interesting!)

But it helps me weed out spam comments that get past the Akismet plugin.

Of course you should be ‘commenting’ on blogs in your niche or market yourself to become a ‘voice’ in your area of expertise and to get those back links to your site. But do as you would be done by:

  • Read/skim the post so that your comment is relevant and genuine
  • Don’t blatantly ‘plug’ your own site other than putting your web site url in the box provided
  • Use your name in the ‘Name’ box – Yes you could use your keyword but even a good comment with a keyword as your name runs the risk of not being approved.

Here’s a link to a page full of clickable links to good PR sites that have ‘Do Follow’  + a bunch of Forums too! :
Here’s the link to the Google Document with those sites and Forums.
Re the Forums. They are included because it means that when you register and fill in your profile and enter your details + your http:// address on any of those forums then that will be a ‘Do Follow’ link so some ‘juice’ from the Forum site will be passed to yours.

Related Plugins to attract more comments:

NB: I personally use the first plugin but have stopped worrying about the others and the ‘Do Follow’ issue these days but I do use the high PR Do Follow list above.

  • Subscribe to Comments – I use this on nearly all my sites. When somebody leaves a comment they are given an option as to whether they want to be informed when new comments are made. If I leave a contentious comment on a blog I certainly want to know about the feedback! Great way to get return visitors.
  • Comment Luv – I have used this in the past and it is a clever plugin in that it will show a link to the Commenter’s last post on his or her blog. Big incentive for commenters!
  • Top Commentator – Another incentive to get regular visitors to comment more often by acknowledging them on your blog in the sidebar.
  • Follow My Links – This plugin removes the automatic ‘do not follow’ code that WordPress adds to new posts but will not effect older posts.



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