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It’s mega important to discover who your visitors are and where they’re coming from, and why. If you don’t want to do this give up this web malarkey and try out Herbalife or similar MLM stuff…

People, I’m talking ESSENTIAL here! Lose track of your visitors and you just lose!

Using Google Analytics, and a plugin, it’s a breeze to do (and free!)

But are their times NOT to use this free service? I lean towards the affirmative on that one (all will be explained).

Nonetheless, and on the whole, when push comes to shove, when all is said and done, in the final analysis, and the cows come home to roost I get my Google Analytics account in place even before I write my first post or page on a new blog! Watching your audience grow, as you do, is a wonderful thing! But more important than the number of visitors you get to your site are things like:

  • How long did they stick around?
  • How did they find you?
  • What page did they find you with?
  • On what page did they decide to leave?
  • What keywords did they type into Google to find you?
  • Where are they geographically?

Those questions are answered and more by the two free online tools I discuss in this video ( and the WordPress plugins that let you get that info without having to edit or tweak your blog’s code).

Not knowing who your visitors are or what they are looking for on your site is like driving on a fast road to nowhere baby!

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