Editing Name Server Settings

Point To Hosting!

If you bought your domain from a domain registrar and not through your hosting company, you need to change your DNS settings.

This is what tells your domain name registrar where to send your visitors i.e. where to point/forward them to. Kind of like informing the Post Office when you move house.

If you’ve decided to register your Domain Name with the same company that hosts your site then this won’t apply – but this video tutorial may come in handy in the future, as I explain in the brief audio below:

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Relevant links for this tutorial:

Glossary/Explanation of Techy Terms used in this tutorial:

  • Domain Name: If your website is found at then your Domain is if your www address is that is another domain and there is not, necessarily, any connection between the two as they have different suffixes. Similarly and and etc. are ALL separate domains the hyphens make that so!
  • Hosting/Hosting Company: Your web site or blog has to sit somewhere i.e. on a big specialised computer where it can be accessed when somebody types a www. address into a Browser address bar. Hosting companies rent you space on their bid specialised computers (known as Servers).
  • Domain Name Registrar: The company from which you purchase your domain name, in the examples above it’s GoDaddy.
  • DNS: Stands for Domain Name Server Settings. These tell your domain name registrar where to send anyone who types your web site address into a browser or clicks on it in Search Engine results. In other words DNS links your domain name to where your site is hosted. If you change your hosting company you simply change your DNS settings with your domain name registrar to point to the new hosting company’s Nameservers.
  • Nameservers: Every hosting company has their own Nameservers , which are kind of like their web postal address, and the details of which they’ll email you when you sign up for a hosting account. Normally something like: and

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