My Generic Crocodile Rant

“If only I’d known then what I know now!” Well that pretty much sums up the reasons why this site was built. My thinking went something along these lines:

How about I teach people a skill rather than try and sell them a shortcut?

The fact is that I absolutely KNOW – for certain – that new arrivals to the internet marketing idea or premise are being ripped off with every passing minute and as I type these words. So what to do?

It’s a fact that will never change. The ‘Make Money Online’ marketers are, like some drooling and rabid pack of carnivores, simply sitting there waiting to pounce on the weakest in the herd – which in every case is the newer arrival to the Internet Marketing community.

OR, to be clearer, ME (as I once was) and YOU (possibly now).

Do you remember that TV wildlife documentary about the annual migration of herds of Wildebeest across the African plain? Remember that crocodile infested river that they, the Wildebeest, had no choice but to cross? Actually that’s probably a poor analogy ( follow my ramblings here and you’ll find loads of those) as in I.M. terms the Crocs would be eating the Wildebeest like a beer drinker eats peanuts – hundreds at a time! (Oh No Clive! ANOTHER bloody analogy!)

OK, sorry, let’s stick with the big Africa analogy thing for now. For those Wildebeest and their long trek it ain’t just the Crocs. There are plenty of other carnivores out there in the Serengeti!  There are different levels of predators, and hangers on, that they have to face or navigate around, it’s a ‘gauntlet’ they have to run.

Listen folks its a Food Chain and we’re the ‘Dish of the Day’!

So who’s out to get us?

The Lions: the so called ‘gurus’ with subscriber lists of hundreds of thousands who work in tandem with each other to promote each others products or memberships via smooth marketing campaigns which GUARANTEE them multi-million paydays even if only one in a thousand of us buy or opt in to their clever copywriting hard sells.

HyenasThe Jackals: The Guru wannabees looking to emulate the big boys but not quite having the skillset or contacts to do it so successfully (yet). But they sucker in enough of us, year in and year out, to make it worth their while.

The Rodents: Nibbling around the edges offering tired old content and plagiarized versions of past ideas but packaging them nicely to convince us that, as it glitters, it must be gold.

The Roaches: The Get Rich Quick scammers whose only paydays come through ongoing lies and deceit. Programs that don’t work and a plethora of worthless e-books.

Do I sound a trifle bitter? Well of course I bloody am!

Maybe my bitterness is because I wasn’t clued up or smart enough to have become one of those leonine gurus from day one! Instead every one of those buggers on that food chain has had a serious bite, nibble or suck on my bank account over the years!

And, of course, this spiel (i.e pitch) I’m giving you right now is recognized as being the ‘Guru Bashing Spiel’ so what’s a guy, like me ( or you), to do? As far as you’re concerned the chances are that I’m yet another in a l-o-n-g line of scam merchants promising you the moon and hiding behind fake outrage to convince you that I’m genuine and to send me your money!

Well, after a couple of false starts I calmed down a bit, got my thinking hat on and reckoned that this site was the way forward, and also a way to convince others of the fact that my offer to help was/is genuine:

  • Free basic content on the basics of blog building and the basics of internet marketing for new arrivals letting them decide which area they want to concentrate on but getting them started on the right foot when they enter the arena.
  • Low cost ( and I mean LOW!) one time registration status to the site for those that want access to the video tutorials, which are added to the site regularly and will soon be a veritable A-Z library of WordPress blogging and beyond.
  • Lots of free resources and links to places you need to visit and information that ‘the others’ charge for.
  • The opportunity to communicate with good folk at a similar, or higher, level of expertise to yourself.

Take on board the information here and you will be in the top 10% of bloggers virtually immediately. Seriously! New blogs come online every day, the vast majority of which will never be seen by anyone other than the blogger, his or her self, and their family and friends. When was the last time YOU bought something from a family member!

Follow the Video Tutorials as a member of the site and I reckon you’ll be in the top 5%  of online bloggers very quickly ! If I was  a leonine guru I’d say 2.76% ! Why? ‘Cos it sounds like I researched it!

Talking of purchases: YES! If I advertise something that I like ( and personally use) and you decide to buy it via my link I WILL make a few bucks/euros/quid/dinar commission. I don’t intend to hide that fact. The point is that to be a seriously successful blogger ( and by successful I mean ‘money making’) you need buy nothing other than a domain name and a hosting package.

Sure there are some plugins/applications etc. that you might choose to buy to raise your game. I’ll be talking about those as we go, but only the ones I use myself on this site, or my other monetized blogs.

Better, I feel, to focus on what does work rather than what doesn’t and that I have tested and used myself to good effect.

It will take me a while to get all the cool input in here ( I’m importing from my other sites and doing research on your behalf right now + buying stuff) so please be patient BUT when I’ve got it all set up nicely then later arrivals, but not you, may have to pay for the privilege of an insight into what this site has on offer.

By that stage you’ll be pretty ’switched on’ yourself and who knows where that might lead? You might even be running this site, one like it, or something far, far better in a niche market that you feel particularly at home with!

The point is we all have to start somewhere when looking to make some money on the net. There’s a lot of crap out there as well as stuff that’s OK but is massively overpriced. If you trawl the internet you can find out most of what you need to know for free – I know that now. The point is you need to know where to look and I intend to help you out on that front as best I can.

It’s an ongoing learning curve ( make no mistake) with no real shortcuts, no matter what some may tell you! But knowing how to build a well optimized WordPress blog puts you laps ahead of everyone else just entering the market.

Hope that all makes sense and that you’ll join me on the journey.

Go get your free lifetime membership, over on the Home page here.



Managing Director at Big Buzz Projects
Clive McGonigal is a full time Web Developer, Marketer, WordPress Evangelist and all round Decent Chap. He lives between London and France ( on a tiny rowing boat with an internet connection) and spends his offline time wining, dining and conversing with his dogs. He loves WordPress ( themes, plugins and tweaks) and blogs about them whenever he can.

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