Adding Widgets To Sidebars

star-trek1Widgets are useful bells and whistles you can add to your blogs sidebar(s) – Calendars, RSS Feeds, Subscription forms anything you want really. Oh yes ads too!

In my view good use of Widgets is secondary only to the quality of your content and the funkiness of your WP Plugins in making your blog stand out from all the boring same old, same old stuff out there in the Blogosphere. In fact many funky plugins have ‘widget’ options or are widgets themselves. Confused? Don’t be, all will become clear once you start experimenting a bit on your own site.

Once you’ve got your had around how widgets can add value to your blog remind me to tell you about the plugin I’ve recently discovered that allows me to change what Widgets appear in my side bars around this site!

“Woh! Cap’n, the blog canna take it!”

“Yes it can Scotty, it really can! Trust me old friend and remember that this is a WordPress blog – the finest ever built!”

Here’s the link to that useful Pixel Ruler I mentioned;



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