Autoresponders – Why/How?

Doh!You’ve got visitors to your blog and want them to keep coming back AND to email them cool stuff (and maybe, sometimes, an affiliate link)!

Damn it drives me mad! Knowing that if I’d started building lists of people following my various web sites from the outset I’d have made a heck of a lot more friends, followers and yes, money. Yet I fought against it for so long.

Why? Just plain dumb & ill informed I guess…

Hey! Who just said, ” So what’s new?” No need for that attitude, thank you very much!

The Briefing's Phone-in Show

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In the first Member’s Call In Show, above, I chat with Blog Briefing member Brent about Feedburner versus Aweber’s autoresponder service and the good, the bad and the ugly of marketing to your new subscribers Email Inboxes. If Feedburner fulfills your needs that’s great and there is a way to send a timed Newsletter to your subscribers just using Feedburner. See the links below this post.- for more info.

In a previous tutorial we looked at how to set up your RSS feed and set up a Feedburner subscription box in your blog’s sidebar which, as I say is a great free way to start. Even if you go the Aweber route do run your RSS feed through Feedburner too.

Aweber is definitely something to consider investing in, just under $20 a month, if you’re serious about building a list of subscribers to your blog(s) and communicating with them.

Aweber are currently offering a 30 day free trial. Give it a free test run using that sign up box over there in the right hand sidebar.

Here’s a Starter tutorial, courtesy of Aweber, and there are plenty more on their site ( I have to say though that the Voice Over Guy’s delivery drives me ‘nuts’ – a kind of poor man’s Jeff Bridges!) but then no douby MY voice drives many people ‘nuts’ too!

Sites, tools and plugins related to this post:

  • Aweber
  • Feedburner
  • GetResponse
  • WordPress Auto Responder Plugin – there is a free and Pro version of this plugin that allows you to control your list and sequential emails from your WordPress dashboard. I have the Pro version as it looks very interesting for those of you wanting to dip your toe in the the world of Auto-responders. I will report back when I have tested it on a new blog and let you know how I got on.
  • Here’s the link to that method I referred to of using Feedburner to send, say, a weekly/monthly Newsletter to your subscribers. It does involve fiddling with code which is a little challenging for beginners.
  • Here’s another version of the method but using a WordPress plugin



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