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pagewriting-oldstyleWhen is a post not a post? When it’s a page! So what’s the difference and how do you create one in WordPress? With the latest version of WordPress a blog can have the same structure as a classic HTML web site with a selection of easily navigable pages.

These stand free and proud of the blog aspects (i.e. posts) of your site. I explain more in today’s audio and the first video tutorial takes you through the process of building your own page, the first of many I’m sure ( how about a Privacy Policy? Google loves those)!



I’ve created a separate video for making your Home page a static page over here

Got a question about any of the info above? Let us know in the Comments section below….

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Clive McGonigal is a full time Web Developer, Marketer, WordPress Evangelist and all round Decent Chap. He lives between London and France ( on a tiny rowing boat with an internet connection) and spends his offline time wining, dining and conversing with his dogs. He loves WordPress ( themes, plugins and tweaks) and blogs about them whenever he can.

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  1. Kimberly Coleman says:

    Hi- I wanted to start a blog for women that have problems in there relationship and needs to speak with other women that can give an support system, I am a member of facebook and alot of women are going threw the same thing daily but they don’t want the whole world to know, so that’s why I want to set something up for just those women…..can you help me with that.

    • Clive says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      Well setting up a blog, whatever it’s content or purpose, is what this site’s about so certainly I can help. I think you need to take pencil to paper, if you haven’t done so already, and work out the structure of your blog – Pages and Categories. Are you just going to write about your personal experiences and hope other women in similar circumstances reply in the comments? Or maybe you want to offer advice for specific issues?

      To start with I’d suggest an ‘About You’ ( or the credo of the site) and a Contact page (that can be anonymous) – get that done first then think about your main content later. You might look at creating forums too or maybe a Social Networking site and then promote it on Facebook.

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