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tweak-permalinksYour new WordPress blog is reasonably search engine friendly out of the box but let’s make Google lurv it! Plus get it tidied up while we’re at it.

At the same time we’ll make what I consider to be the essential tweaks to a new WordPress blog to start off on the right footing. Principal among these tweaks will be your ‘permalink’ settings.

So what are ‘permalinks‘ and why do we want to tweak them?

It’s really just a question of getting your keywords into your url (web address) for Search engine love rather than a load of numbers and irrelevant code. This one tweak can make a major difference to where your pages rank in the search engines.

BUT I’d be wary of doing this unless your site is pretty new and not an older site with dozens or hundreds of posts with the old style permalink structure as you’ll lose all your current links and have to wait for the new ones to regenerate your rankings. SO I always do this ‘tweak’ before I have even added my first post!

Anyway I’m really going to race through all the tweaks, with brief explanations as to why I make them so you might want to stop/start the video ( it’s long at around 30 minutes) to put them into action on your blog in another window. It’s a one-time only process for any new blog of mine so hold on tight and let’s go …

In a future video regarding my essential plugins I’ll include those various plugin set ups and tweaks.

Glossary/Explanation of Techy Terms used in this tutorial:

  • URL: stands for Uniform Resource Locator – basically it’s what you see in the browser address bar for every page you see on the web e.g. the url of this page is
  • Permalink: Short for Permanent Link – the web link that will be forever associated with a particular post in your blog. In WordPress you can change the way your permalink appears so that Google et al ranks your page better for its content. You don’t want a load of extraneous gobbledegook in your url what you want is a Keyword or phrase to help get your post ranked well!
  • File permissions: Very occasionally, and depending on your hosting company, you may be prompted by WordPress to change the ‘permissions’ of various files in your site. Basically this means whether or not the specific file can be edited. So sometimes you might be asked to change file permissions so WordPress can edit a file then change them back (for security reasons) once that’s done.

Here’s a text document with my ‘Ping List’ in, as mentioned in the video

Got a question about any of the info above? There’s a lot of ‘tweaks’ in there I know! Let me know in the Comments section below….

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