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holmesiconHey! If we want to rank well on Google it makes sense to see what they have to suggest re our KWP! Cool info!

In this video tutorial you’ll discover how to do some quick and clever research using Google that you probably don’t even know about. Certainly not many of your competitors do!

This is probably the fastest way to find out what people are typing into that Search box when they’re looking for a site like yours.

For more in depth keyword research, via a free Google tool, check out another keyword research video here.

Glossary of term used in these tutorials:

  • Search Volume – the number of searches typed in by Googlers over a set period of time. This is never exact though so cross reference with other research tools.
  • csvcomma separated values for importing data into spreadsheets like…
  • Excel – Microsoft’s proprietary spreadsheet software – see link below for free alternative if you don’t have it.

Relevant links for these tutorials:

  • Google External Keyword Tool
  • Open Officefree ‘Microsoft Office’ style, but Open Source, software download including spreadsheet software if you don’t have Excel – I use this on all my computers never having felt the need to pay for Microsoft Office!



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