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wheretohostmysiteSo you’ve bought a Domain Name, now you need to get hosting sorted out. You need somewhere to build your site right?.

Yep there are hundreds of hosting companies out there, thousands more like. Some obviously are better than others and, rather than tell you some horror stories about crappy hosting companies I’ve come across ( you know who you are you swine!) let’s concentrate on companies I’ve had nothing but good experiences with.

Good Support is paramount in my book. Hostgator in the US and Heart in Europe are top notch and that as it should be. Plus they have one click WordPress Blog install – more on that in later tutorials.

So here are some of the questions I try and answer in the Audio segment before the quick video tutorial on how to sign up with Hostgator:

  • Which country should you host in and why?
  • What am I looking for when it comes to ‘bells and whistles’ i.e. ‘extras’ ?
  • Do I need a Reseller account or one domain type account only?

PS: Click on the ‘enlarge’ icon in the video control bar, below, for ‘full screen’ version.

Relevant links for this tutorial:

  • Hostgator (PS: When asked if you have a coupon code type in hgc25 to get $10 off !)
  • (Coupon code to type in & get 10% off your annual hosting fee is BBSWHPC).

    P.S. Be sure to buy the WordPress enabled Home Pro option and not the cheapo ‘Starter’ version

Glossary/Explanation of Techy Terms used in this tutorial:

  • Hosting/Hosting Company: Your web site or blog has to sit somewhere i.e. on a big specialised computer called a Server where it can be accessed when somebody types a www. address into a Browser address bar. Hosting companies rent you space on their storage computers (known as Servers).
  • Dedicated Server: You and your web site(s) have sole use of a Server – otherwise it is shared with other web site owners. That is the norm and nothing to be worried about. A dedicated server will mean faster loading times but is only something to consider when you hit the Big Time.
  • Reseller Account: Your Reseller hosting fee allows you to host multiple domains on the one account i.e. the only fee you’ll pay is the cost of purchasing the Domain Name ( via or wherever). Makes very good sense if you’re looking to have 3+ sites ( also if you choose to build sites to sell on). This is as opposed to a…
  • Basic Hosting Account: hosting one domain on one hosting package – cheapest option, short term. Good for testing the waters ( and of course you can always upgrade your account later if you choose).
  • PayPal: The most popular payment portal on the web. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal to process a credit card payment.
  • Nameservers: These tell your domain name registrar where to send anyone who types your address into a browser or clicks on it in Search Engine results. Every hosting company have there own Nameservers. If you change your hosting company you simply change your Nameserver settings to point to the new host.
  • Bandwidth: The more people visit your site the more Bandwidth is used, hosting companies offer different amounts of bandwidth per month. Think of it like electricity, every time somebody comes to stay, for free, at your big house they turn lights and appliances on as they go. Some appliances such as washing machines ( i.e. watching a video on your site) use more electricity than a simple light bulb (i.e. seeing a static image).
  • CPanel: Stands for Control Panel. This is the Admin area of your hosting account where you add a WordPress blog, for example, or set up your email addresses and so on. You need to have a good look around your CPanel to check out all the things you can do or add to your site ( visitor statistics maybe?).
  • Linux: A type of hosting structure, the one that most hosting companies use and the one you need.

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