10 Ways To Profit From A WordPress Blog

Your VideosHi, thanks for checking out the videos below, I hope they are of help to you in deciding what might be the best way forward for your WordPress site. Or simply give you some ideas that hadn’t occurred to you before!

I decided to break the videos down into more than just the one to save on your ‘download’ time. By the way you can download the videos to your computer via the ‘download’ link under each one if you choose. Or just ‘Bookmark’ this page using the icons at the bottom of the page so you can come back later.

Video #1 (27 minutes) is a slide-show of why, in the first place, I believe you should have a self-hosted WordPress blog ( rather than allow another ‘business’ to control your content, advertising and ( let’s face it) your blog’s future! I then list over 10 ways to profit from owning your own professional WordPress site.

P.S. Sorry about the occasional ‘windy’ FX that are scattered through the first video. It’s been a scorchingly hot day here in France and I had all the windows open to catch that very small breeze! Unfortunately the microphone sometimes picked up on the breeze when it did some good!

P.P.S. Don’t forget to click on the ‘enlarge screen’ icon below each video for full screen lusciousness!

Video #2 (31 minutes) gives some examples of the ’10 Ways’ I mentioned in Video #1:

Video #3 (38 minutes) gives the rest of the examples of the ’10 Ways’ I mentioned in Video #1 plus a few extra ideas too:

Use any of the discounted links over on the right if you’ve a mind to getting started creating YOUR WordPress site the right way! Or just checkout some of the site’s content using the navigation menus above.


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